Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences

Location: Ross Hall 2239

Telephone: 970.351.2820

Faculty: Dean E. Allison, Ph.D.; William L. Blubaugh, Ph.D.; Cathleen Craviotto, Ph.D.; Ricardo L. Diaz, Ph.D.; Anton Dzhamay, Ph.D.; Nancy Geisendorfer, M.A.; Richard M. Grassl, Ph.D.; Robert L. Heiny, Ph.D.; Gulden Karakok, Ph.D.; Steven C. Leth, Ph.D.; Nathaniel G. Miller, Ph.D.; Jodie Dawn Novak, Ph.D.; Michael Oehrtman, Ph.D.; Michael K. Petrie, M.A.; Robert A. Powers, Ed.D.; Terry A. Scott, Ph.D.; Hortensia Soto-Johnson, Ph.D.;Stacy Swinburn, M.S.; Igor N. Szczyrba, Ph.D.; Angela (Tisi) Steele, M.A.

Emeritus Faculty : William W. Bosch, Ph.D.; Donald D. Elliott, Ph.D.; Jeffrey D. Farmer, Ph.D.; Samuel R. Houston, Ph.D.; Charles R. McNerney, Ph.D.; William D. Popejoy, Ed.D.; John Schmid, Ph.D.; Donald L. Schmidt, Ph.D.; Rex. R. Schweers, M.A.; Donald T. Searls, Ph.D.; Robert A. Tolar, Ph.D.

Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

Mathematics B.S.

Applied Mathematical Sciences Emphasis

Liberal Arts Emphasis

Secondary Teaching Emphasis

Applied Statistics Minor

Computer Science Minor

Mathematics: Liberal Arts Minor

Mathematics: Secondary Mathematics Teaching, Grades 7-12 Minor

Mathematics and related areas have been important human endeavors since ancient times. Mathematics is a discipline with its own questions, methods and content. It has also been used as a tool to explain the natural world for centuries. Mathematics, statistics and computer science have become essential to almost every other discipline such as the natural sciences, the social sciences, business, and economics.

The School of Mathematical Sciences has faculty in mathematics, mathematics education, statistics and computer science. We offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in these areas. In addition, courses and minors that we offer can be used as important components of a variety of other programs across the university.