FL - Foreign Language

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Modern Languages

FL 195 Elementary World Language

(5 lecture) For students with no previous experience with the target language. Develop four language skills, especially speaking. Stresses practical communication, comprehension, pronunciation, fluency and cultural awareness. Repeatable under different subtitles. (LAC)


FL 296 Study Abroad Experience

(3 lecture) Prerequisite: Instructor Consent. Gain, through experiential learning abroad, the skills and appreciation of another country's culture, language, and political and societal institutions, in order to become a more responsible and active participant in our diverse and global society. Repeatable, may be taken three times. S/U graded. (LAC)


FL 341 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages

Prerequisite: EDFE 120. Prerequisite to student teaching. Emphasize teaching techniques, curriculum and classroom organization, testing and evaluation, procedures and materials, relationship of subject area to entire secondary program.


FL 395 Special Topics

Explore a special topic related to foreign language study. Conducted in English or in any language taught in the Department of Foreign Languages. Repeatable, under different subtitles.


FL 400 Traditions in International Film

Research and discuss film in international and cross-cultural contexts, especially Western film in relation to ongoing European film traditions and theories. Conducted in English.


FL 440 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages in K-6

Designed to prepare future foreign language teachers to teach at the kindergarten through sixth grade levels.