MAS - Mexican American Studies

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Hispanic Studies

MAS 100 Introduction to Mexican American Studies

Introduces issues impacting the Mexican American populations. Provides an overview of issues in education, gender, demographics, health, immigration and border patterns, and the environment. (LAC, gtP)


MAS 101 Careers in Mexican American Studies

Explore career options for Mexican American Studies majors.


MAS 110 Contemporary Chicano Literature

Provides students with understanding of literature written by Chicano authors. Focus on major works of fiction, theater, poetry, autobiography. Socio-historical context plus cultural images, style, structure, technique, themes studied. (LAC, gtP)


MAS 225 Latina/Latino History

Will examine the historical and historiographical trend lines of the Latino experience. Among the issues to be explored: identity, heritage, language, gender roles. May be taken once as either MAS 225 or HIST 225.


MAS 275 Education of Mexican American Students

The course will inform students who plan to teach about current research and knowledge concerning the schooling experience of Mexican American students.


MAS 280 Topics in Chicana/Chicano Art and Culture

An in-depth study of issues and topics in Chicana/Chicano art and culture. May focus on specific periods, issues, forms, artists, and/or authors. Repeatable, two times, under different subtitles.


MAS 301 Mexican American Politics and Leadership

Examines the political behavior of Mexican American populations in the U.S. from 1950 to present. Provides students with an understanding of linkages between political behavior, electoral processes and public policy.


MAS 337 Chicana/o Literature and Theory

Prerequisite: MAS 100, MAS 110 or ENG 236. Can be taken either as MAS 337 or ENG 337. In-depth study of contemporary Chicana/o literature and theory. Course will be thematic an will focus on the disciplinary and cultural connections between the literary, the aesthetic, and the theoretical. Repeatable, two times, under different subtitles.


MAS 346 Chicana/o Theory

Prerequisites: MAS 100 or ENG 345. An in-depth study of issues and topics in Chicana/o theory and related fields. May focus on specific periods, specific issues, and/or specific authors. Repeatable, two times, under different subtitles.


MAS 380 US Mexico Immigration

This course examines bi-national issues affecting Mexican migration to the United States, including immigration laws, public policy and the socio-cultural impact of migration.


MAS 395 Topics in Gender Issues

Prerequisite: MAS 100. This course provides an in-depth examination of the impact of gender on all aspects of the lives of Mexican Americans. Repeatable, two times, under different subtitles.


MAS 410 Narco Corrido and Mexican Folk Culture

This course examines Mexican and Mexican American Popular Folk culture in the context of historical and contemporary issues.


MAS 420 Colorado Chicana/o Movement

The course will explore the Colorado Chicana/o Civil Rights Movement during the years 1950-1980.


MAS 422 Directed Studies

Individualized investigation under the direct supervision of a faculty member. (Minimum of 37.5 clock hours required per credit hour.) Repeatable, maximum concurrent enrollment is two times.

1- 3

MAS 450 Internship in Mexican American Studies

Juniors and above. Students volunteer with a local community service agency. Internship placements must be arranged and approved prior to the beginning of the internship.