Music B.M. – Business Emphasis

College of Performing and Visual Arts

Contact: Michael Alexander, D.M.A., Director, School of Music

Location: Frasier Hall 108

Telephone: 970.351.2993

Fax: 970.351.1923


Advising Information:

Students must consult with their assigned major advisor each semester prior to registering.

Assigned advisor is available through the Ursa login;; under Student tab Academic Profile channel and is term specific. If no advisor is listed, contact the major program for advisor information.

The program consists of three parts:

  1. Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Credits
  2. Required Major Credits
  3. University-Wide Credits

Program Description:

The Bachelor of Music degree is the initial professional degree in music. Its primary emphasis is on development of the skills, concepts and sensitivity essential to the professional life of a musician. It also prepares students for advanced study in graduate school.

Program Admission Requirements:

  • Students planning to major in music are required to submit an application to the School of Music. The music application and appropriate instructions are provided by the Admissions Office upon request, or upon receipt of an Application for Admission that specifically indicates a music major. Auditions are required of all applicants to the School of Music. Information concerning auditions may be requested from the School of Music, University of Northern Colorado, Frasier Hall, Greeley, Colorado 80639, phone 970.351.2993 or at our website
  • Students meeting the general admission requirements of the University may be accepted as undeclared majors. Students will be designated as music majors and accepted by the School of Music after a successful audition.
  • Minimum Proficiencies. Minimum proficiency in music fundamentals and ear training as assessed by the Music Theory Placement Exam to enter MUS 113/114.

Program Requirements:

  • MUS 100 Recitals, Concerts and Productions each semester in residence.
  • Based on their interests, audition results, and faculty advisement, students will take either classical or jazz lessons each semester in residence. This will affect the requirement regarding participation in Major Musical Organizations. See notes below, and see "Major Musical Organizations"
  • Students will enroll in at least one ensemble in each Fall and Spring semester of full-time study, except for the one semester that the student enrolls for MUS 392 Music Business Internship and if enrolling in an ensemble presents a conflict with the requirements of the internship.
  • Students will elect to either produce a capstone project or present a half Senior Recital. See notes below.

Degree Requirements — 120 Credits

Degree Requirements

1. Required Specific LAC Credits — 9 credits

LAC area 3.a. — Arts

MUS 243History of Music I


LAC area 5.a. — Economic and Political Systems

ECON 205Principles of Microeconomics


LAC — Electives

MUS 244History of Music II


Remaining LAC — 31 credits

See “Liberal Arts Core”.

NOTE: Students should use a combination of the following courses to fulfill 9 credits of MUS-prefix LAC courses: MUS 143, MUS 150, MUS 243, MUS 244, and MUS 247.

2. Required Major Credits — 63-65 credits

Take all of the following Required Major courses:

MUS 100Recitals, Concerts and Productions


MUS 113Music Theory I


MUS 114Aural Skills and Sight Singing I


MUS 115Music Theory II


MUS 116Aural Skills and Sight Singing II


MUS 143Musical Styles and Context


MUS 213Music Theory III


MUS 214Aural Skills and Sight Singing III


MUS 215Music Theory IV


MUS 216Aural Skills and Sight Singing IV


Take all of the following Required Emphasis Courses:

MUS 160Beginning Class Piano I


MUS 161Beginning Class Piano II


MUS 209Introduction to Music Technology


MUS 211Careers in Music


MUS 343Recording Techniques


MUS 392Music Business Internship


MUS 460Survey of the Music Business


Performance Study and/or Applied Music




MUS 160 and MUS 161: Not required for piano students; piano students will take 8-10 hours of university-wide elective credits

INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE: Students who elect the capstone project will take eight semesters of either Performance Study or Applied Music at the 200 and 400-level instruction.

INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE: Students who elect the recital option will take eight semesters of either Performance Study or Applied Music, with a minimum of three semesters at the 400-level. These students must pass an upper-level qualifying examination, determined by the performance area, before he/she may enroll in 400-level instruction. This examination is to be taken by the end of the fourth semester of 200-level instruction. If the student does not pass this examination on the first try, he/she may retake it once in the subsequent semester. Students who elect the recital option will present a half Senior Recital.

ENSEMBLES: Of the eight hours of ensembles, seven semesters of Major Musical Organization are required, except for students whose performance studies are in jazz for whom fours semesters of Major Musical Organization are required.

and choose one of the following courses:

MUS 150History of Rock and Roll


MUS 247Music Cultures of the World


MUS 344History of Jazz


MUS 150: (LAC Category 8)

MUS 247: (LAC Category 7)

Take all of the following Supporting Emphasis Courses:

BAAC 301Survey of Accounting


BAFN 302Essentials of Business Finance


BAMG 350Management of Organizations


BAMG 355Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


BAMK 260Introduction to Marketing


Remaining Major - 14 credits

Take 14 credits from MUS-prefix coursework.

3. University-Wide Credits — 1-3 hours

Complete additional credits to achieve the minimum credits needed for this degree at UNC; for this degree, that will typically be 1-3 credits.