Biological Sciences

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Minor Requirements — 20 Credits

Degree Requirements

Take all of the following courses:

BIO 110Principles of Biology


BIO 111Survey of Organismal Biology


Take 12 credits minimum:

Choose two of the following courses:

BIO 210Cell Biology


BIO 220Genetics


BIO 245Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology


BIO 360Ecology


Choose 4-5 semester credits from upper division BIO courses (consult faculty advisor on selection to help match career goals.)

BIO 210 and BIO 220: These courses and some of the upper division courses have chemistry or biology prerequisites in addition to BIO 110 and BIO 111.

NOTES: A minimum of a 2.0 grade must be earned in each BIO prefix course used to meet minor requirements. Students receiving a grade of less than 2.0 will need to repeat the course