Business Administration

Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business

Minor Requirements — 18-21 Credits

The Business Administration minor is designed for students who have a major in another school or college but wish to pursue a collateral area in Business Administration.

Completion of the minor provides broad exposure to the functional areas in Business Administration. These include accounting, computer information systems, finance, management and marketing. The minor is not open to students who major in Business Administration.

Students interested in entrepreneurship may take an additional 6 hours for a Business Minor with an Entrepreneurial Option.

A student who wishes to add or change to a Business Administration Minor must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a least 15 credit hours and obtain written approval from the Monfort College of Business Advising Center. Students who have completed 15 or more credit hours and have a cumulative GPA between 2.25 and 2.49 may apply for admission to the Business Administration minor with the Monfort College of Business Advising Center, Kepner 1095.

Business Administration Minor — 18-21 Credits

Degree Requirements

Take all of the following courses:

BACS 101Business Computing


BAAC 301Survey of Accounting


BACS 300Information Systems


BAFN 302Essentials of Business Finance


BAMG 350Management of Organizations


BAMK 260Introduction to Marketing


ECON 205Principles of Microeconomics


ECON 205 counts toward the LAC Area 5a requirement.

Successful completion of the Computer Proficiency Exam will satisfy the BACS 101 requirement.

Business Administration Minor with Entrepreneurial Option — 24-27 Credits

Take all of the Business Administration Minor courses above plus the following courses:

BAMG 355Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship


BAMG 356Business Planning


Students may transfer a maximum of 6 semester credits (courses with a "BA" prefix) toward the minor from other institutions.

To graduate with a Business Administration Minor, a student must attain at least a C- grade in each of the individual BA prefix courses.

BAAC 301, BAFN 302, BAMK 260 and BAMG 356 will not count toward a business major.