2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

Art and Design M.A.

College of Performing and Visual Arts

Degree Requirements — 30 Credits

The Art & Design M.A. offers two delivery options, On-Campus and Low Residency.

See “Art & Design M.A.”.

Degree Requirements

Required Major Credits — 12 hours

ART 600Research Methods in Art


ART 680Seminar in Art History

1 - 4

ART 680: Take 3 hours

On-Campus Option:

ART 699Thesis

1 - 6

ART 699: Take 6 hours

Low Residency Option:

ART 696Action Research in Art Education I


ART 697Action Research in Art Education II


Art Electives — 18 hours

For students enrolled in the Low Residency option

This is a two-year program. The Co-Coordinators of Graduate Studies for the School of Art & Design will serve as advisors for students and will develop with each of them a course of study for the degree program. Low Residency students will design, conduct and complete Action Research Projects and Final Reports in lieu of a comprehensive exam required by the graduate school. The Co-Coordinators will assign each student to a graduate committee, who will review and provide feedback for the Action Research Projects and Reports. Upon receiving approval from their graduate committees for their final Action Research Reports, students will submit their approved reports to reputable educational journals. If students fail to obtain approval for the Action Research Reports, they may resubmit a revised final report in the following fall, spring or summer semester.

For students enrolled in the On-Campus option

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor and graduate committee by the Coordinator of Graduate Studies for the school. The academic advisor will serve as the chair of the graduate committee. The student, with the approval of the academic advisor and committee, will develop a course of study for the degree program. The approved course of study will be submitted to the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. Changes in the course of study must be approved by the student's academic advisor and committee.

Students having less than 12 semester hours of art history in their undergraduate program will include enough hours of art history to make up the deficiency.

It is recommended that students have a graduate committee review each semester. The student will submit a written report of the graduate review to the academic advisor and the Coordinator of Graduate Studies. The student assumes responsibility for scheduling graduate reviews. Two unsuccessful graduate reviews will be considered grounds for termination of the program. In conjunction with ART 600, the student will prepare and submit a written thesis proposal. The proposal must be approved by all members of the student's graduate committee before beginning the thesis.

A written thesis is required of all Master of Arts degree candidates in the School of Art & Design.

In conjunction with the required written thesis, an exhibition of work is an option for graduate students who meet all of the following conditions:

  • have a studio concentration and complete a minimum of 9 hours in a specific program area;
  • complete work for the exhibition while registered for courses as an on-campus student;
  • have works for an exhibition approved by the academic advisor and committee;
  • prior to the exhibition, complete the written thesis with the approval of their academic advisor and committee

All decisions concerning a combined art exhibition and written thesis requirement will be made by the student’s graduate committee.


NOTE: Upon completion of the program, the student will be required to demonstrate competence in the designated area of concentration in accordance with approved school standards. The student's committee must approve the candidate for graduation.