2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

Chemistry M.S. — Research Emphasis

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Degree Requirements — 30 Credits

See “Chemistry M.S.”.

Degree Requirements

Research Credits — 12 hours

CHEM 600Seminar in Chemistry


CHEM 695Thesis Proposal


CHEM 699Thesis

1 - 9

NOTE: Students must take CHEM 600 two separate times for a total of 2 hours. Students must complete a total of 9 hours of CHEM 699.

NOTE: Students must meet a physical chemistry requirement if not previously taken. CHEM 551, CHEM 552, CHEM 453 and CHEM 454 may be taken to meet this requirement.

Chemistry Elective Credits — 12 hours minimum

CHEM 522Advanced Analytical Chemistry


CHEM 523Chemical Spectroscopy


CHEM 533Organic Synthesis and Stereochemistry


CHEM 534Theory and Mechanisms of Organic Reactions


CHEM 543Organometallic Chemistry


CHEM 556Physical Chemistry of Atomic and Microscopic Systems


CHEM 560Environmental Chemistry


CHEM 581General Biochemistry I


CHEM 582General Biochemistry II


CHEM 587Toxicology


CHEM 590Advanced Topics in Chemistry


CHEM 622Directed Studies

1 - 3

General Electives — 0-6 hours

Electives, with the approval of the major advisor, to complete 30 credit hours are required for this program.

Note: In addition to course requirements, all students must successfully complete the defense of the thesis and must successfully complete a comprehensive examination in a major area of chemistry (analytical, biological, inorganic, organic or physical chemistry).

Qualifier Examinations. Each student must pass qualifying examinations in three of five areas selected from chemistry content (analytical, biological, inorganic, organic or physical chemistry). Students will have two opportunities to pass each area exam. Qualifier examinations are scheduled during the week preceding the beginning of classes each semester. If an examination is failed, the requirement may be satisfied by completing designated undergraduate coursework in the appropriate subdiscipline with a minimum grade of “B.”