2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree Program M.A. – Middle Level Mathematics Teaching Emphasis

College of Natural and Health Sciences

See “Middle Level Mathematics Teaching Emphasis”.


Degree Requirements — 30 Credits

Degree Requirements

Required Courses — 9 hours

MED 600Introduction to Research in Mathematics Education


MFT 520Survey of Mathematics


MFT 530Conceptions of Analytic Geometry and Calculus


NOTE: MED 600 satisfies the Graduate School requirements for Introduction to Graduate Studies.

Required Elective Credits — 9 hours

Choose 3 of the following:

MFT 514Geometry in Middle School Mathematics Teaching


MFT 515Number and Operations in Middle Level Mathematics Teaching


MFT 516Algebra in Middle Level Mathematics Teaching


MFT 517Data Analysis & Probability in Middle Level Mathematics Teaching


Elective Major Credits — 12 hours

Six credits in electives may be chosen from above courses and the following or approved substitutes:

MED 522Topics in Mathematics Teaching at the Middle Level

1 - 3

MED 588Implementation of Mathematics Standards in Instruction

1 - 3

MED 599Action Research Project Seminar


MED 673Teaching and Learning Mathematics on the Elementary Level


MED 674Teaching and Learning Mathematics on the Secondary Level


MFT 518Proportional Reasoning for Middle Level Mathematics Teachers


MFT 522Topics in Middle Level Mathematics Teaching


Two additional approved elective courses for up to 6 hours

MED 522: Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credits

MED 588:Repeatable for a maximum of 3 credits

MED 599:Repeatable 3 times

MFT 522: Repeatable under different subtitles

Additional electives may be chosen from courses offered by the school or other schools with the approval of the student’s advisor. Students are encouraged to choose relevant courses from the above or those offered by other schools (e.g. EDMS 665, EDMS 667, EDMS 670).

Comprehensive Examination

A student may select either one of the following options to satisfy the school comprehensive examination requirement. Normally, at least three faculty members will be involved in judging whether or not the selected option has been completed satisfactorily.

  • Option 1. Completion of the Action Research Project. The Action Research Project centers around a curricular unit created by the student to be used in their professional instruction. It includes a review of relevant literature, curricular/instructional plan, data analysis and discussion. A copy of this project must be filed with the school; in addition, the student must make a two hour presentation of the project. Students who choose this option are encouraged to take MED 599 to support their work on the project.
  • Option 2. A written comprehensive examination over MED 600, MFT 520 and two other courses chosen by the student from MFT 514, MFT 515, MFT 516 and MFT 517.

This program does not prepare teachers to teach mathematics at the upper secondary level (9-12), does not lead to secondary licensure, and will not prepare students for advanced work in mathematics. It is designed solely for professional teachers with minimal mathematics backgrounds who wish to be prepared to teach mathematics at the middle level.

NOTE: For more information about the Interdisciplinary Studies: Graduate Interdisciplinary Degree.