2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

Sociology M.A. – Sociological Practice Emphasis


College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Degree Requirements — 33 Credits

See “Sociology M.A.” .

Degree Requirements

Required Sociology Credits — 27 hours

GERO 555Grant Development and Administration


SOC 530Organizational Analysis


SOC 532Social Psychology and Group Dynamics


SOC 539Seminar in Sociological Practice


SOC 552Applied Social Theory


SOC 580Social Policy Analysis


SOC 590Proseminar


SOC 660Applied Social Research


SOC 691Research Internship

1 - 9

Elective Credits — 6 hours

Elective credits may be any advisor approved 500 or 600 level courses.

Professional Research Report Option:

Courses required for this option are listed above. The professional research report is completed in conjunction with SOC 691 Research Internship (1-9). Candidates should consult with the graduate coordinator as soon as possible during the first semester of work so that they can be assigned an advisor. In consultation with their advisor the committee chair, they should choose another program member to be on their committee. These faculty members plus the internship site supervisor serve as the student’s committee which directs the research project, the professional research report and the oral examination over the research. Candidates are urged to consult frequently with the members of their committee.

Thesis Option:

The thesis option requires 6 thesis credits, SOC 699. Thesis credit may be substituted for elective credits and/or for three research internship credits. The thesis option also includes an oral defense of the thesis. Students who are interested in this option should consult with the graduate coordinator as soon as possible