History B.A. – Secondary Teaching Emphasis Initial license in Social Studies (Grades 7-12)

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Contact: Diana Kelly, Administrative Assistant

Location: Ross Hall 3270

Telephone: 970.351.2905

Fax: 970.351.2199

Website: www.unco.edu/history

Advising Information:

Students must consult with their assigned major advisor each semester prior to registering.

Assigned advisor is available through the Ursa login; ursa.unco.edu; under Student tab Academic Profile channel and is term specific. If no advisor is listed, contact the major program for advisor information.

The program consists of three parts:

  1. Liberal Arts Core (LAC) Credits
  2. Required Major Credits
  3. Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) Credits

Program Description:

This program fulfills an important role in training teachers at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to its emphasis in content areas of history and social science, it participates in the UNC/partner school program and the student-teaching experience/placement for its students. Experienced history faculty are regularly assigned the responsibility of observing our student teachers in the field. The end result of a student's study is a senior seminar completed under the direction of a faculty advisor during the senior year in residence.

A graduate with a bachelor's degree in history and who receives endorsement in the social studies licensure area is qualified to teach in the secondary schools and to pursue graduate study in history. Additionally, with a major in history a student may seek licensure for middle school teaching.

Program Admission Requirements:

Academic Good Standing

Program Requirements:

  • History majors must obtain a grade of “C” or better (C- is not acceptable) in all courses required for the major. Majors receiving a grade of "C-" or lower must retake the course -- or an equivalent approved by the academic advisor -- and receive a grade of "C" or better to have the course counted toward the major.
  • All history courses numbered 300 or higher include a research and writing component.
  • Only 6 credits of HIST prefixes may be counted toward the LAC.

Degree Requirements — 124 Credits

Degree Requirements

1. Required Specified LAC — 9 credits

LAC area 5.a. — Economic and Political Systems

PSCI 100United States National Government


LAC area 5.b. — Geography

GEOG 100World Geography


LAC area 7 — International Studies

ANT 110Introduction to Cultural Anthropology


Remaining LAC — 25 credits

See “Liberal Arts Core”.

2. Required Major — 27 credits

Take all of the following courses:

HIST 100Survey of American History from Its Beginnings to 1877


HIST 101Survey of American History from 1877 to the Present


HIST 120Western Civilization from Ancient Greece to 1689


HIST 121Western Civilization from 1689 to the Present


HIST 480Seminar in History


HIST 100 and HIST 101: LAC area 4.

Choose one of the following courses:

HIST 110African Civilization


HIST 112Asian Civilization I: From Prehistory to 1500


HIST 113Asian Civilization II: From 1500 to the Present


HIST 118History of Mexico


Take nine credits from the following:


ECON 203Principles of Macroeconomics


Standards based Social Science electives


ECON 203: (LAC 5a.)

(A minimum of two courses, numbered 200 or higher chosen from the following prefixes: ECON, GEOG, PSCI)

Remaining Major

Take 24 credits

In addition to the required courses, each major will also take 24 additional credits of electives.

  • Twelve of these must be in a concentration area (Europe; United States; Africa/Asia/Latin America).
  • Of the remaining 12 credits, 6 must be in each of the other areas.
  • For example, if the major's concentration is in Europe, students must take 6 credits in African/Asian/Latin American history, and 6 credits in United States history.
  • At least 18 of the 24 hour total must be taken from courses numbered 300 or 400.

3. Required PTEP — 39 credits

Phase I (5 credits taken concurrently).

EDFE 110 required semester before; see www.unco.edu/teach/check.html

STEP 161Observation and Analysis of Secondary Teaching I


EDF 366Conceptions of Schooling: Context and Process


Phase II (8 credits taken concurrently)

STEP 262Observation and Analysis of Secondary Teaching II


EDSE 360Adaptation, Modification, and Integration of Curriculum for the Secondary Exceptional Learner


PSY 349Educational Psychology for Secondary Teachers


Phase III (11-14 credits taken concurrently)

EDFE 120 required semester before.

STEP 363Clinical Experience: Secondary


EDRD 340Developing Language and Literacy in the Content Areas


ET 449Integration of Technologies in Secondary Education Pedagogy


HIST 400Teaching History in the Secondary Curriculum


SOSC 341Teaching Secondary Social Studies


EDRD 340: (may be taken outside of Phase III)

Phase IV (14 credits).

EDFE 130 required semester before.

STEP 464Secondary Student Teaching

1 - 14

The History Secondary Education major should follow the phase program delineated by the STEP program.

No history major may apply for admission to the PTEP program until completion of at least 15 semester hours in the major. At least 9 of these hours must have been taken at the University of Northern Colorado. To be admitted to the Secondary PTEP in History (Phase III), a student must have a B- grade point average in courses counting toward the major and taken at UNC.

Before being permitted to apply for student teaching, a history major must have completed successfully 27 hours in the major and have at least a B- grade point average in major courses taken at UNC.

  • Candidates must pass the Praxis or Place test prior to Student Teaching.
  • Candidates may not take extra courses with Student Teaching without prior approval from the Program Coordinator and the STE Director.
  • All PTEP Field Experiences and methods courses need to be successfully completed prior to Student Teaching.
  • Student Teaching outside the supervision of UNC Faculty may or may not be approved.
  • Teacher Candidates will not be placed in a school where they were once students or where they have a close relative attending and/or working.

PTEP students majoring in history are required to take:

SOSC 341Teaching Secondary Social Studies



HIST 400Teaching History in the Secondary Curriculum