2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Designations

Each course is assigned a prefix that identifies the discipline, field or program offering the course. For example, course numbers in Mathematics are preceded by MATH; and courses in Visual Arts are preceded by ART.

Five groups are identified by course numbers, generally to indicate the difficulty of a course and its location on a continuum of study that leads to general mastery of the content and methodology of a discipline:

  • Basic skills courses - 001 through 099 range are not counted in cumulative credits, total credits toward graduation or grade-point-average. These courses are designed to teach students academic skills and general competencies necessary to succeed in college
  • Lower division courses - the 100 range for freshmen and the 200 range for sophomores.
  • Upper division courses - the 300 range for juniors and the 400 range for seniors.
  • Master's level courses - the 500 and 600 ranges. Juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade-point-average of 3.00 or higher may be admitted to 500-level courses but no undergraduates may be admitted to course numbers above the 500 range.
  • Doctoral and Specialist level courses - the 700 range.

Courses with variable titles may have additional prerequisites assigned to specific sections scheduled.

Occasionally, courses that do not appear in the Catalog may appear in the Schedule of Classes. Theses course numbers end in "98" and are considered experimental. For example, an experimental course in geology might be GEOL 398. Courses ending in "98" cannot by used to meet Liberal Arts Core requirements.

Courses bearing the designation "gtP" are in gtPathways, Colorado's Guaranteed Transfer Program. These courses are guaranteed to transfer to all Colorado institutions of higher education.