Social Science Program

Social Science Program

Contact: David R. Aske, Ph.D., Program Coordinator

Location: Candelaria 1281

Telephone: 970.351.4104

Faculty: David R. Aske, Ph.D.; Travis D. Boyce, Ph.D.; Christine E. Marston, Ph.D.

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Social Science B.A.

Community Engagement Emphasis

Upon completion of the Social Science Community Engagement major, students will have an in-depth, multidisciplinary understanding of society that is grounded in history and the social sciences and will apply this knowledge to be skilled in ethical reflection towards lifelong learning and civic engagement. The Social Science program offers students the ability to use critical thinking skills to create compelling arguments that integrate theoretical perspectives and research methods to advance reasonable conclusions in a wide variety of disciplines including history, economics, geography and political science.

The Community Engagement emphasis prepares students to be contributing citizens in their communities. Key courses in the emphasis will provide opportunities for students to become actively engaged in community affairs. Through research and civic engagement assignments and activities, students will be introduced to a variety of community-related careers and opportunities.