SCI - Science

College of Natural and Health Sciences

School of Biological Sciences

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Department of Physics and Astronomy

SCI 107 Frontier of Science Institute (FSI) - STEM Experience

Six-week summer course introducing motivated high school students to STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) concepts through integrated, engaging experiences. Coursework helps clarify interests and build critical STEM skills. Consent of instructor, letter graded, participation fee required.


SCI 265 Physical Science Concepts

(3 lecture, 2 laboratory) Investigation of physical science concepts, emphasizing their application to the physical world. (LAC, gtP)


SCI 291 Scientific Writing

Prerequisite: ENG 122. Techniques of problem identification, literature survey, data interpretation and synthesis and technical reports. (LAC, gtP)


SCI 391 Computer Applications in Science

(1 lecture, 2 laboratory) Science teachers will learn how to apply the microcomputer as a tool in the classroom for interfacing with equipment, data management, software evaluation, record keeping and word processing.


SCI 465 Principles of Scientific Inquiry: Finding Order in Chaos

Prerequisites: two of the following courses: BIO 265, ESCI 265 or SCI 265. A look at the nature of scientific inquiry by investigating scientific breakthroughs in each of the four areas of science: biology, chemistry, earth sciences and physics.