Graduate 2019-2020


Miranda C. Babiak, CSc.D.
(2017), Assistant Professor of Audiology and Speech-Language Science - University of Pittsburgh, B.A.;  University of Arizona, M.S.; University of Pittsburgh, CSc.D. (G)

Stacy R. Bailey, Ph.D.

(2012), Assistant Professor in English Education - University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; University of Northern Colorado, M.A.; University of Northern Colorado, Ph.D.

Graham B. Baird, Ph.D.

(2007), Associate Professor of Earth Sciences - St. Lawrence University, B.S.; State University of New York at Binghamton, M.A.; University of Minnesota, Ph.D (G)

Eileen Balcerak, M.A.

(2006), Assistant Professor of Special Education - University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; University of Northern Colorado M.A.

Rashida Banerjee, Ph.D.

(2008), Associate Professor of Special Education - Calcutta University, B. Comm; Jadavpur University, PG Dip. Spl. Ed.; University of Kansas, M.S.; University of Kansas, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Achilles N. Bardos, Ph.D.

(1990), Professor of School Psychology - Wright State University, B.S.; Ball State University, M.A.; Ohio State University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Frederick J. Bartelheim, Ed.D.

(1997), Professor of Foundations of Education - University of Nevada-Reno, B.S.; University of Nevada-Reno, M.A.; University of Nevada-Reno, M.Ed.; University of San Francisco, Ed.D. (G)

Karen S. Barton, Ph.D.

(2006), Associate Professor of Geography - University of California, B.A.; University of Arizona, M.A.;  University of Arizona, Ph.D.

Rebecca A. Beals, Ph.D.

(2017), Assistant Professor of Sociology - University of Nebraska, B.A.; University of New Mexico, M.A.; University of New Mexico, Ph.D.

Jonathan Bellman, D.M.A.

(1993), Professor of Music - University of California-Santa Barbara, B.A.; University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign, M.M.; Stanford University D.M.A. (G, D R)

Lauryn Benedict, Ph.D.

(2010) Associate Professor of Biological Sciences  - Cornell University B.A.; University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Ann T. Bentz, Ph.D.

(2002), Special Assistant to the Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences - Southeastern Louisiana University, B.S.; Colorado State University, M.Ed; University of Northern Colorado, Ph.D. (G)

Margaret Berg, Ph.D.

(2009), Associate Professor Reading Education - University of Northern Arizona, M.A.; University of Kansas, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Cassendra M.R. Bergstrom, Ph.D.

(2015), Assistant Professor of Psychological Sciences - Baker University, B.S.; Emporia State University, M.S.; University of Northern Colorado, Ph.D (G)

Enrique Bernales Albites, Ph.D.
(2017), Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies - Pontificia Universidid Católica del Perú, B.A; Boston University, M.A.; Boston University, Ph.D.

Jill Bezyak, Ph.D.

(2008), Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling and Sciences - Miami University B.A.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.S.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Abhishek Bhattacharjee, Ph.D.

(2017), Assistant Professor of Statistics - University of Calcutta, B.S.; University of Calcutta, M.S.; University of Florida, Ph.D.

Matthew Birnbaum, Ph.D.

(2008), Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership  - Colorado College, B.A.; University of Arizona, M.A.; University of Arizona, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Linda L. Black, Ed.D.

(2000), Professor of Counseling Psychology - University of Iowa B.A., B.S.; Lesley College, M.A; University of Northern Colorado, Ed.D. (G, DR)

Monte Black, M.F.A.

(2000), Professor of Dance - University of Wyoming, B.S.; University of Illinois, M.F.A.

Brook Blair, Ph.D.

(1998), Professor of Political Science - Colorado College. B.A.; London School of Economics, M.S.; \University of Newcastle upon Tyne - United Kingdom, Ph.D.

Jerald David Blatt, M.F.A.

(2010), Assistant Professor Theatre Design Generalist- Casper College, A.A.; University of Utah, B.F.A.; University of Utah, M.F.A.

Jayne R. Blodgett, M.L.I.S.

(2016), Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of University Libraries - University of Wisconsin, B.A.; University of Wisconsin, M.A.; Dominican University, M.L.I.S.

William L. Blubaugh, Ph.D.

(1987), Professor of Mathematics - Kent State University, B.S.; Kent State University,ME.D.; University of Colorado, PH.D.(G, DR)

Paul M. Bobrowski, Ph.D

(2016), Dean - Kenneth Monfort College of Business - US Air Force Academy, B.S.; Purdue University, M.S.; Indiana University,Ph.D.

Mary Green Borg, M.A.

(2000), Lecturer in History and Social Science - Sweet Briar College, B.A.; University of Northern Colorado, M.S.

Carolyn Bottone-Post, D.N.P.

(2017), Associate Professor in Nursing - Metropolitan State College, B.S.N.;  University of Pennsylvania, M.S.N.; Regis University, D.N.P.

Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, Ph.D.

(2008), Associate Professor of English - Baker University, B.A.; University of Kansas, M.A.; University of Kansas, Ph.D. (G)

Sandra K. Bowen, Ph.D.

(1997), Professor of Special Education - Utah State University, B.S.; Utah State University, M.A., University of Arizona, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Richard Bownas, Ph.D.
(2010), Associate Professor of Political Science - Cambridge University,B.A.; London School of Economics, M.Sc.; Cornell University, Ph.D.

Travis D. Boyce, Ph.D.
(2009), Associate Professor of Africana Studies - Claflin University, B.A.; Ohio University, M.A.; Ohio University, Ph.D.

Antares Boyle, Ph.D.

(2018), Assistant Professor of Music - B.M., University of Maryland; M.M.; University of Sydney; D.M.A., Univeristy of British Columbia,

Daniel Brannon, Ph.D.
(2016), Assistant Professor of Marketing - Arizona State University, M.B.A.; Arizona State University, Ph.D.

Robin D. Brewer, Ed.D.

(2000), Associate Professor of Special Education - University of Oklahoma, B.S.; University of Northern Colorado, M.A.: University of Northern Colorado, Ed.D. (G, DR)

Kathryn E. Bright, Ph.D.

(1991), Professor of Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences - Michigan State University, B.A.; Florida State University, M.S.; University of Arizona, Ph.D. (G)

Danielle R. Brittain, Ph.D.

(2011), Associate Professor of Community Health - Montana Tech of the University of Montana, B.S.; Kansas State University, M.S.; Kansas State University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Corina E. Brown, Ph.D.

(2013), Lecturer of Chemistry - Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, B.S.; University of Northern Colorad, M.S.; University of Northern Colorado, Ph.D.

Jeffrey M. Brown, Ph.D.

(2017), Assistant Professor of Philosophy - Westminster College, B.A.; Vanderbilt University School of Law, J.D.; Washington University-St. Louis, M.A,; Washington University-St Louis, Ph.D.

Robert J. Brustad, Ph.D.

(1992), Professor of Sport and Exercise Science - University of California-San Diego, B.A.; University of Oregon, M.A.; University of Oregon, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Jill Burleson Burgett, D.A.

(2009), Associate Professor of Music - Heidelberg College, B.M.; Ball State University, M.M.; Ball State University, D.A. (G)

Patrick Burns, Ph.D.

(2004), Associate Professor of Biological Sciences - West Virginia University, B.S;  Clemson University, M.S.; Clemson University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Jason Byrnes, D.M.

(2003), Professor of Music - Tennessee Technological University, B.M.; Pennsylvania State University, M.M.; Indiana University, D.M. (G)

Sharon Bywater-Reyes, Ph.D.

(2017), Assistant Professor of Geology - Southern Oregon University, B.S., B.A.; University of Wyoming, M.S.;  University of Montana, Ph.D.