Graduate 2019-2020


Cynthia S. Galovich, Ph.D.

(1989), Professor of Physics - Stanford University, B.S.; Stanford University, M.S.; Stanford University, Ph.D. (G)

Socrates Garcia, D.A.

(2013), Associate Professor of Music - Luther College, B.A.; Middle Tennessee State University, M.A.;  University of Northern Colorado, D.A. (G)

Barbara Garrett. Ph.D.

(2016), Director of American Sign Language & Interpreting Studies - World Evangelism Bible College, B.A.; Missouri State University, M.A.; Biola University, Ph.D.

Barbara Garrity, M.S.N

(2014), Lecturer of Nursing - Bob Jones University, B.S.N.; West Chester University of Pennsylvania, M.S.N.

Efrain Garza, Ph.D.

(2004), Professor of Spanish - Escuela Normal Superior de Tamaulipas, Mexico, B.S.; University of Texas and Texas Southmost College, B.A.; Texas Tech University, M.A.; Texas Tech University, Ph.D. (G)

Michelle Gaza, M.F.A.

(2011), Interim Director, School of Theatre Arts - Millikin University, B.F.A.; Wayne State University, M.F.A. (G)

Nancy Geisendorfer, M.A.

(2006), Lecturer of Mathematical Sciences - University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; University of Northern Colorado, M.A.

Catherine A. Gerweck, D.M.D., M.S., R.D.N.

(2015), Instructor of Nutrition and Dietetics - Hartwick College, B.A.; University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, D.M.D.; University of New Hampshire, M.S. (G)

Sumiko Gibson, M.A.

(2013), Lecturer in Japanese - Central Wyoming College, A.A.; University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; Osaka University, M.A.

Elizabeth A. Gilbert, Ed.D.

(2008), Associate Professor of Community Health - Texas A&M University, B.S.;  Vanderbilt University, M.Ed.; Vanderbilt University, Ed.D. (G)

Kiki Gilderhus, Ph.D.

(2015), Intern Dean of  Performing and Visual Arts - Gustavus Adolphus College, B.A.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.A.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. (G)

Jeffrey T. Gilis, M.F.N., R.D.N.

(2017), Lecturer of Nutrition and Dietetics -  University of Toledo, B.B.A.; Bowling Green State University, M.F.N.

Nancy Glen, D.A.

(2011), Associate Professor of Music - Kent State University, B.S.; University of Northern Colorado, M.M.; University of Northern Colorado, D.A. (G)

Emily B. Golson, Ph.D.

(1993), Professor of English - University of California, B.A.; University of California, M.A.; Brandeis University, M.A.; Brandeis University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Susana Karen Gomez, Ph.D.

(2012), Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences - University Autonoma Gabriel Rene Moreno, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, B.S.; University of Arkansas, M.S.; University fo Arkansas, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Sarah Goodrum, Ph.D.

(2014), Associate Professor of Criminal Justice - Texas A&M University, B.A.; University of Texas at Austin, M.A.; University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D. (G)

Donna Goodwin, Ph.D.

(2017), Assistant Professor of Art & Design - University of North Texas, B.F.A.; University of Phoenix, Denver, M.A.; University of Denver, Ph.D.

James Gould, Ph.D.

(2007), Associate Professor of Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality - Georgia Southern University, B.I.S; Georgia Southern University, M.S.; Clemson University, Ph.D. (G)

Susan M. Gould, Ph.D., R.D.N.

(2010), Associate Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics - Montana State University, B.S.; Colorado State University, M.S.; Colorado State University, Ph.D.(G)

Carl E. Granrud, Ph.D.

(1994), Professor of Psychological Sciences - Luther College, B.A.; University of Minnesota, Ph.D. (G)

Ellen Meyer Gregg, Ph.D.

(1987), Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences and Professor of Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences - Northwestern University, B.S.; Northwestern University, M.S.; University of Colorado, Ph.D. (G)

Janel Greiman, M.T.

(2010), Associate Professor of Accounting -  University of Colorado, B.S.N.;  University of Northern Colorado, B.S.B.A; University of Denver, M.T. (G)

David Greene, Ph.D.

(2017), Associate Professor of Humans Services - Colorado State University, B.S.; University of Northern Colorado, M.A.; Colorado State University, Ph.D.

Thomas A. Griggs, Ph.D.

(2000), Associate Professor of Foundations of Education - University of California, M.A.; University of California, M.Ed.; Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Ph.D. (G)

Rose Grose, Ph.D.

(2018), Assistant Professor of Community Health Education - Kalamazoo College, B.A.; University of California Santa Cruz, M.S.; University of California Santa Cruz, Ph.D.

Timothy Grover, Ph.D.

(2018), Professor of Geology - St. Lawrence University, B.S.; University of Oregon, M.S.; University of Oregon, Ph.D.

Courtney Gryskiewicz, M.S.N.

(2016), Lecturer of Nursing - Riverland Community College, A.D.N.; Colorado State University, B.S.;  University of Northern Colorado, B.S.N.;University of Northern Colorado, M.S.N.

Don Gudmundson, Ph.D.

(2008), Professor of Management -University of Wisconsin, Madison, B.A.; University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, M.B.A.;  University of Kentuck, Ph.D.

Florence M. Guido, Ph.D.

(1997), Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership - Briarcliff College, B.A.; Ball State University, M.A.; Texas A & M University, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Russell Guyver, D.M.A.

(1997), Professor of Music - Guildhall School of Music-London, England, B.M.; Guildhall School of Music-London, England, M.M.; University of Kansas, D.M.A. (G, DR)

Tobias J. Guzmán, Ed.D.

(2008), Assistant Vice President for Campus Community and Climate - University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; Plymouth State University, M.A.; Northeastern University, Ed.D.