Graduate 2019-2020


Kelly Scott Raisley, M.A.

(2006), Senior Lecturer of Journalism and Media Studies - University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; University of Northern Colorado, M.A.

John M. Ramsey, Ph.D.

(2017), Assistant Professor of Philosophy - Ursinus College, B.A.; University of California-Riverside, M.A.; University of California-Riverside, Ph.D.

James Reardon, Ph.D.

(1997), Professor of Marketing - University of Montana, B.S.; University, of Montana, M.B.A.; University of North Texas, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Kathryn Records, Ph.D.

(2018), Associate Professor of Nursing - University of Colorado Health Science Center, B.S.N.; University of Arizona, M.S.N.; University of Arizona, Ph.D.

Carissa Reddick, Ph.D.

(2010), Associate Professor of Music - Texas Christian University, B.M.; University of Hartford, M.M.; University of Connecticut, Ph.D. (G)

Helen I. Reed, A.M.L.S.

(1990), Dean of University Libraries - Allegheny College, A.B.; University of Michigan, A.M.L.S.

Robert Reinsvold, Ph.D.

(1989-02, 2004), Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences - Humboldt State University, B.A.; Colorado State University, M.S.; Purdue University, Ph.D. (G)

Nicole Reisfeld, M.S.

(2010), Lecturer of Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences - Worcester State College, B.S.; Pennsylvania State University, M.S. (G)

Lindsay Reiten, Ph.D.

(2017), Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education - Luther College, B.A.; University of Wisconsin-River Falls, M.S.E.; University of Wisconsin-Madison,Ph.D. (G)

Jeffrey A. Rings, Ph.D.

(2011), Assistant Professor of Counseling Psychology - Pepperdine University, B.A.; Northwestern University, M.A.; University of Denver, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Jennifer A. Richotte, Ph.D.

(2013), Assistant Professor of Special Education - University of Pittsburgh, B.A.; University of Pittsburgh, M.A.T. University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Ph.D. (G, DR)

Katrina Rodriguez, Ph.D.

(2004), Assistant Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership - Northern Arizona University, B.A.; Northern Arizona University, M.A.; University of Northern Colorado, Ph.D. (G)

Deborah Rojas, M.S.N.

(2007), Assistant Professor of Nursing - University of Northern Colorado, B.S.N.; University of Northern Colorado, M.S.N.

Deborah Romero, Ph.D.

(2006), Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies - Ealing College of Higher Education, U.K., B.A.; Autonomous University, Queretaro, Mexico, M.A.; University of California, Santa Barbara, Ph.D. ( G, DR)

Michaela Romero, D.N.P.

(2013), Assistant Professor of Nursing - Regis University, B.S.N.; College of St. Francis, B.S.; Universitaet Wuerzburg Germany, R.N.; University of Northern Colorado, M.S.N.; University of Northern Colorado, D.N.P. (G)

Brian Rose, Ph.D.

(2013), Assistant Professor of Teacher Education - University of California at Irvine. B.A.; Vanderbilt University, M.S.; Vanderbilt University, Ph.D. (G)

Rosann Ross, M.A.

(1997), Lecturer in Psychological Sciences - University of Northern Colorado, B.A.; University of Northern Colorado, M.A.

Harvey Rude, Ed.D.

(1982), Professor of Special Education - Moorhead State University, B.S.;  University of Northern Colorado, M.A.; University of Northern Colorado, Ed.D. (G, DR)

John M. Ryan, Ph.D.

(2011), Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies - Georgetown University, B.A.; Arizona State University, M.A.; Arizona State University, Ph.D. (G)