Applied Statistics and Research Methods Ph.D.

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Degree Requirements — 64 Credits

See “Applied Statistics and Research Methods Ph.D.”.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree program focus is on the application of statistical concepts, research design, and general research methodology to the solution of practical problems in a variety of disciplines including: education, mental health, business, and public health.

Master’s en route to the Ph.D.

A student may apply for admission to the Ph.D. program in Applied Statistics and Research Methods and obtain the M.S. in Applied Statistics and Research Methods on the way to completion of the doctoral degree. The application process and admission criteria are the same as for the Ph.D. program. The student must complete all program requirements for the M.S. degree in addition to the minimum 64 hours required for the Ph.D. The student must be conferred with the M.S. degree prior to admission to doctoral candidacy.

Degree Requirements

Required Major Credits — 6 hours

SRM 689Internship in Applied Statistics

1 - 10


SRM 694Practicum

1 - 9

SRM 763Apprenticeship

1 - 3

SRM 689, SRM 694, SRM 763: Take 3

Applied Statistics Concentration — 26 hours

SRM 606Multiple Linear Regression Analysis


SRM 607Non-Parametric Statistics


SRM 609Sampling Methods


SRM 635Categorical Data Analysis


SRM 645Statistical Process Control


SRM 731Multivariate Analysis


Elective Credits


Complete one of the following Concentration Areas:

Research Methods Concentration — 26 hours

SRM 521Statistical Computing with SPSS


SRM 625Applied Multiple Regression Analysis


SRM 627Survey Research Methods


SRM 670Evaluation: Models and Designs


SRM 680Introduction to Qualitative Research


SRM 705Advanced Issues in Research Methods


Elective Credits


Cognate Option

A student in the research methods concentration may elect to complete 15 semester hours within a cognate area in lieu of the elective credits requirement. These hours must be at the graduate level and approved by the student’s advisor. The intent of the cognate is to equip the student in a substantive discipline within which the dissertation may be written.

Approved electives may be substituted for required courses completed during a Master’s program.

Research Core — 16 hours

SRM 610Statistical Methods III


SRM 611Advanced Statistical Data Analysis


SRM 620Advanced Statistical Programming


SRM 650Research and Statistics Colloquium


SRM 700Advanced Research Methods


SRM 650: Take 4 hours (1 credit/term)

Research Proposal/Dissertation — 16 hours

SRM 797Doctoral Proposal Research

1 - 4

SRM 799Doctoral Dissertation

1 - 12

SRM 797: Take 4 hours

SRM 799: Take 12 hours

Research Tools

All Ph.D. students must demonstrate competency in two acceptable research tools.


Students who enter the doctoral program without a working knowledge of SAS programming must take SRM 520 early in their doctoral program.