Graduate 2019-2020

Cultural Studies and Equity Graduate Certificate Program (Non-Degree)

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Certificate Requirements — 16 credits

Admission Requirements

For admittance to the certificate program, students should be successfully admitted to the University as a degree or non-degree seeking graduate student. No other prerequisites or admission standards beyond the university requirements are needed. In alignment with the Graduate School standards, all courses must be passed with a "B" grade or higher.

This graduate certificate program is intended for degree and non-degree seeking graduate students interested in issues of culture, diversity, equity and social justice. Students enrolled in any CEBS graduate program preparing for careers in teaching, administration, counseling, or research may obtain the certificate in addition to their graduate degree. Students in graduate programs outside of CEBS with interest in education are welcome, as are non-degree seeking practicing educators looking for professional development in cultural diversity.

Certificate Requirements

Required Credits — 7 credits

EDF 618Internship in Cultural Studies and Equity


EDF 619Pluralism in Education


ECLD 606Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners in the U. S. Educational System


Elective credits — 9 credits

Choose from the following:

APCE 623Understanding and Counseling Diverse Populations


ECLD 600Literacy and Content Area Instruction in Spanish Bilingual Classrooms


ECLD 602Teaching Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Learners


ECLD 603Methods and Assessment in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education


EDSE 679Interventions for Students with Cultural and Linguistic Differences


HESA 655Multiculturalism in Higher Education and Student Affairs


HESA 669Culturally Responsive Aspects of Transformative Learning


HESA 765Advanced Multiculturalism


A "B" grade in each of the courses must be achieved to earn the Cultural Studies and Equity Certificate.