Graduate 2019-2020

Nursing Education Graduate Certificate Program (Non-Degree)

College of Natural and Health Sciences

Certificate Requirements — 9 Credits

The Certificate in Nursing Education is designed to provide master's and doctorate-prepared nurses with advanced knowledge in nursing education. The courses are all online; at least 9 credit hours of graduate level course work in nursing education or approved related courses from UNC are completed to earn the certificate. At least six credits must be taken in the School of Nursing. Selection of courses is tailored to meet student needs. Students must complete each course with a grade of "B" or better.

Applicants must have a master's in nursing and have/maintain an unencumbered RN license. Application materials are available on the UNC School of Nursing home page at If not currently enrolled in a nursing program at UNC, students must be admitted by the Graduate School and by the School of Nursing before enrolling in courses. Completed applications are submitted electronically and will be considered on an open schedule.

Certificate Requirements

Take three of the following courses:

NURS 632Clinical Instruction and Precepting in Nursing


NURS 741Evidence-Based Teaching


NURS 760Advanced Nursing Curriculum Design and Program Evaluation


NURS 780The Professorial Role in Nursing Education


PSY 681Learning and Instruction