Graduate 2019-2020

Education M.A.T. -Elementary Education with Licensure Emphasis- Elementary Education Endorsement (Grades K-6)

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Degree Requirements — 46 Credit Hours

In accordance with the Graduate School Policies, candidates in this program must maintain a cumulative 3.0 G.P.A.

See “Education M.A.T.”.

PTEP Program Requirements

Teacher candidates who complete an approved content degree and the UNC professional teacher education program, as well as pass the appropriate Colorado Department of Education designated PRAXIS exam (if applicable), will be eligible for recommendation from UNC for a Colorado Department of Education teaching license.

If you are seeking licensure in your program area, the following items are required to complete your program.

  • Completion of Application for Initial Admission to PTEP

  • Completion of Full Admission to PTEP

  • Completion of Application for Student Teaching

  • Successfully pass content specific PRAXIS test prior to Student Teaching

  • Candidates may not take extra courses with Student Teaching without prior approval from the Program Coordinator and the STE Director.

  • All PTEP Field Experiences and methods courses need to be successfully completed prior to Student Teaching.

  • Student Teaching outside the supervision of UNC Faculty may or may not be approved.

  • Teacher Candidates will not be placed in a school where they were once students or where they have a close relative attending and/or working.

  • Teacher education and educator preparation licensure programs do not accept Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) or field based courses that are more than ten years old. PLEASE NOTE: Teacher Candidates have the right to petition this policy at the discretion of the program coordinator.

Please work with your content advisor to determine when these requirements will be completed throughout your program.

Degree Requirements

Required Credits — 46 hours

EDEL 520Effective Instruction in Elementary School Mathematics


EDEL 525Integrated Methods: Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education

1- 3

EDEL 544Elementary Student Teaching and Capstone Seminar


EDEL 550Effective Instruction in Elementary School Social Studies


EDEL 555Effective Instruction in Elementary School Reading, Writing and Communicating


EDEL 602Elementary School Practicum


EDEL 612Elementary School Curriculum


EDF 500Conceptions of Schooling


EDRD 515Content Literacy for Diverse Learners


EDSE 430Exceptional Student in the Elementary Classroom


ET 501Introduction to Applications of Educational Technology in PK-12 Education


PSY 500Educational Psychology for Teachers


SCED 570Teaching Science in the Elementary School


SRM 600Introduction to Graduate Research


EDEL 525: Take 3 hours

EDEL 544 (9) (Student Teaching) must be completed in grade K-6 in an elementary school setting.