Graduate 2019-2020

History M.A.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Degree Requirements — 30 Credits

See “History M.A.”.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses — 9 hours

HIST 590Writing Seminar


HIST 600Historiography


HIST 590: Take 6 credits

Elective Courses — 21 hours

Elective courses may be taken from any HIST 500-level and 600-level courses.

Final Project

All students are responsible for completing two pieces of writing of the length and quality of journal articles. Students will write the essays under the guidance of history faculty while taking two semesters of HIST 590, the departmental Writing Seminar (one essay undertaken during each class). The two essays serve as the final projects for the M.A. Fulfillment of this requirement is dependent on attaining a grade of at least a B (B- is not acceptable) on the papers themselves, regardless of the grade earned for the course overall. Students who do not earn at least a B on either of these papers must take HIST 590 a third time; they may count the previous HIST 590 as an elective.

In order to complete the master's degree, students will also take 21 credits (7 classes) of electives covering any region or period of history. Please see "Variable Topics Courses."