Bilingual Bicultural Education - Endorsement

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Elementary, Secondary & K-12 Education
K-12 Bilingual Education Endorsement Requirements — 24 Credits

The Bilingual Bicultural Education Endorsement (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education; Bilingual Education Specialist) is administered by Hispanic Studies. This program is designed for Elementary, Secondary and K-12 education licensure students and students earning a K-12 ESL Endorsement. Students will acquire Spanish language skills, knowledge of children’s literature in Spanish, and knowledge of K-12 curriculum in Spanish.

The completion of the K-12 ESL/CLD Endorsement and the Spanish K-12 Endorsement is a requirement for anyone enrolling in the Bilingual Bicultural Endorsement.

Endorsement Requirements

Required Major — 21 credits

SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I


SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II


SPAN 301Spanish Grammar


SPAN 302Spanish Composition


SPAN 303Spanish Conversation and Film Studies


SPAN 412Spanish for Bilingual Education


SPAN 455Literature for Children and Adolescents


Required Supporting — 3 credits

ECLD 450Literacy/Content Instruction in Bilingual Classrooms


It is recommended that Bilingual Bicultural Endorsement candidates take at least one of the following courses: MAS 110 Contemporary Chicano Literature (3), MAS 280 Topics in Chicana/Chicano Art and Culture (3), MAS 301 Mexican American Politics and Leadership (3), MAS 380US Mexico Immigration (3) or MAS 395 Topics in Gender Issues (3)

Heritage Speakers Option:

Heritage speakers of Spanish with program approval through placement test may take SPAN 310, SPAN 311 and SPAN 312 for SPAN 301, SPAN 302 and SPAN 303.

Required Major — 9 credits

SPAN 310Spanish for Native Speakers


SPAN 311Spanish for Native Speakers


SPAN 312Written Spanish for Native Speakers


NOTE: SPAN 310 and SPAN 311 are co-requisites.