Bilingual Bicultural Education - Endorsement

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Elementary, Secondary & K-12 Education
K-12 Bilingual Education Endorsement Requirements — 24 Credits

The Bilingual Bicultural Education Endorsement (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education; Bilingual Education Specialist) is administered by Hispanic Studies. This program is designed for Elementary, Secondary and K-12 education licensure students and students earning a K-12 ESL Endorsement. Students will acquire Spanish language skills, knowledge of children’s literature in Spanish, and knowledge of K-12 curriculum in Spanish.

The completion of the K-12 ESL/CLD Endorsement and the Spanish K-12 Endorsement is a requirement for anyone enrolling in the Bilingual Bicultural Endorsement.

Degree Requirements

Required Major — 21 credits

SPAN 201Intermediate Spanish I


SPAN 202Intermediate Spanish II


SPAN 301Spanish Grammar


SPAN 302Spanish Composition


SPAN 303Spanish Conversation and Film Studies


SPAN 412Spanish for Bilingual Education


SPAN 455Literature for Children and Adolescents


Required Supporting — 3 credits

ECLD 450Literacy/Content Instruction in Bilingual Classrooms


NOTE: Students must pass the Hispanic Studies Oral Proficiency interview in Spanish at the advanced level before being allowed to enter student teaching. Students earning an Elementary license will student teach in bilingual classrooms.

It is recommended that Bilingual Bicultural Endorsement candidates take at least one of the following courses: MAS 110 Contemporary Chicano Literature (3), MAS 280 Topics in Chicana/Chicano Art and Culture (3), MAS 301 Mexican American Politics and Leadership (3) or MAS 395 Topics in Gender Issues (3)

Heritage Speakers Option:

Heritage speakers of Spanish with program approval through placement test may substitute SPAN 310, SPAN 311 and SPAN 312 for SPAN 301, SPAN 302 and SPAN 303.

Required Major — 9 credits

SPAN 310Spanish for Native Speakers


SPAN 311Spanish for Native Speakers


SPAN 312Written Spanish for Native Speakers


NOTE: SPAN 310 and SPAN 311 are co-requisites.