Teaching English as a Second Language/Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education – Endorsement

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Elementary, Secondary & K-12 Education
K-12 ESL/CLD Endorsement Requirements — 21 Credits

This endorsement program in Teaching English as a Second Language/Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (ESL/CLD) provides the student with the study of the structures of English and with the theory and practice related to the teaching of English as a second language. Students successfully completing this program will be recommended for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse K-12 endorsement. This program must be completed in conjunction with the Elementary Education, Secondary Education or K-12 licensure program. This program is administered by the Department of Hispanic Studies and has admissions requirements described below.

Pre-Endorsement Classes:

Students interested in earning an ESL/CLD Endorsement are accepted as pre-ESL Endorsement students if they meet the general admissions requirements of the university. Formal application to the University is made to and obtained from UNC's Office of Admissions.

Students are strongly encouraged to take either HISP 111 Introduction to Hispanic Literature or MAS 110 Contemporary Chicano Literature to fulfill LAC area 3.b. -- Literature and Humanities. In addition, students may take MAS 275 or HISP 395 before acceptance into the program. Students enrolled in the Urban Education Program follow only the admission requirements for that program.

Admissions Requirements:

The designation of pre-ESL/CLD Endorsement does not assure admission to the ESL/CLD Endorsement Program. A separate application and admission process during the freshmen year and while enrolled in MAS 100 is required for students to enroll in the ESL/CLD endorsement courses. Students must enroll in the non-credit TESL 101 course and submit the admission application materials to the Department of Hispanic Studies Office, Candelaria 0295.

The following factors will be considered in the selection of students:

  • GPA
  • MAS faculty evaluation based on a list of professional standards-based performance indicators (students may submit more than one faculty evaluation if they wish)
  • A professionally written statement about why the student wants to teach culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Students who are part of the Cumbres program must additionally submit a letter of good standing from the Cumbres director with their application for admissions. Transfer students from another university or college may ask a faculty member from their host institution or program to complete the faculty evaluation for them or they may request an interview with an ESL/CLD faculty member. See Beth Franklin for more information about this process.

ESL/CLD Endorsement students must maintain a “C”(2.0) or better average in all of their remaining 15 credits of TESL/MAS courses (MAS 275 or HISP 395, TESL 350, TESL 380, TESL 400, TESL 401). The ESL/CLD program faculty reserves the right to place on probation or to require the withdrawal from the ESL/CLD program of any student who in their professional judgment fails to satisfy the requirements of scholarship, commitment, performance, or disregard for the UNC Honor Code. Applicants accepted into the program may be dismissed from the program if faculty recommend dismissal based on course or practicum performance.

Students may use courses to satisfy multiple requirements in the LAC, Elementary Education Major credits, Elementary Education ESL/CLD Concentration, and/or the TESL/CLD Endorsement.

Endorsement Requirements

Required — 21 credits

TESL 101Admission to ESL/CLD Endorsement (Linguistically Diverse Education)


TESL 350Second Language Acquisition


TESL 380Introduction to Linguistics for ESL/CLD Educators


TESL 400Methods and Approaches of ESL/EFL


TESL 401TESL Practicum


Choose one of the following courses:

MAS 100Introduction to Mexican American Studies



MCS 101Multiculturalism in the United States: Concepts and Issues


Choose one of the following courses:

MAS 275Education of Mexican American Students



HISP 395History and Philosophy of Bilingual Education


World Language Requirement

Students taking a world language course at the two hundred level (e.g. CHIN 201, CHIN 202, FR 201, FR 202, GER 201, GER 202, JAPN 201, JAPN 202, SPAN 201, and SPAN 202) only need to take one three credit world language class. If students are not sufficiently proficient to take a world language class at the two hundred level, they may also meet the language requirement by taking one of the following course sequences, with the knowledge that their credits for the degree will increase:

Students taking Spanish to fulfill the requirement must take the online Placement Test (www.unco.edu/hispstds) and submit their scores in order to determine placement, as part of the application process.


EDFE 110, MAS 275/HISP 395 and TESL 350 must be completed before TESL 400. TESL 400 must be completed prior to doing the TESL Practicum courses. Students must teach in an ESL-based classroom. Students may complete MAS 100 - Introduction to Mexican American Studies or MCS 101 - Multiculturalism in the United States: Concepts and Issues as part of LAC requirements. Students cannot take TESL 401 Practicum concurrently with Student Teaching.

Students aspiring to endorsement must maintain a grade "C" or better (GPA 2.0) in all required TESL/MAS courses.