Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

Early Childhood B.A. — Liberal Arts Emphasis

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

School of Teacher Education

McKee 216, Greeley, CO 80639

Telephone: 970.351.2098

Fax: 970.351.1877

Website: https://www.unco.edu/cebs/teacher-education/

Center for Urban Education

1059 Alton Way #758, Denver, CO 80230

Telephone: 303.637.4335

Website: https://www.unco.edu/cebs/urban-education/

Advising Information:

Students must consult with their assigned major advisor each semester prior to registering.

To find your advisor, log into ursa.unco.edu; go to 'Student' tab and click 'View Student Information' link. If no advisor is listed, contact the major program for advisor information.

The program consists of three parts:

  1. Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) Credits
  2. Required Major Credits
  3. University-Wide Credits

Program Description:

The Early Childhood Education Teacher Education Program is offered at the Greeley campus and the Center for Urban Education (CUE) at the Denver Center at Lowry. Graduates possess a broad background of knowledge within liberal arts areas and the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to be successful in a variety of early childhood settings. In addition to the degree, students are eligible for Colorado Department of Human Resources Director Qualification designation.

Program Admission Requirements:

Academic Good Standing

Degree Requirements — 120 Credits

1. Liberal Arts Curriculum — 31 credits

Written Communication — 6 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Written Communication courses

Mathematics — 3 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Mathematics courses

Arts & Humanities, History, Social & Behavioral Sciences, U.S. Multicultural Studies, and International Studies — 15 credits

To complete the LAC in the minimum number of credits, be sure to choose at least one course with an IS designation and one course with an MS designation.

ELIT 290 Survey of Culturally Diverse Literature for Children is recommended to fulfill Arts & Humanities and U.S. Multicultural Studies requirement and will fulfill both LAC and major requirements.

SOC 120 Introduction to Family Studies is recommended, but not required by the major.

Note: Additional family courses in Social and Behavioral Science can be approved and substituted by advisor.

See Arts & Humanities, History, and Social Behavioral Sciences courses

Natural & Physical Sciences — 7 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Natural & Physical Sciences courses

See Liberal Arts Curriculum

2. Required Major — 61-62 credits

Take all of the following courses:

ECLD 350Teaching Young Bilingual Children


EDEC 101Introduction to Early Childhood Education


EDEC 102Introduction to Early Childhood Education Lab


EDEC 103Guidance Strategies for Children


EDEC 205Nutrition, Health, and Safety


EDEC 220Curriculum Development: Methods and Techniques


EDEC 240Administration of Early Childhood Care and Education Program


EDEC 241Administration: Human Relations for Early Childhood


EDEC 250Diverse Early Language and Literacy


EDEC 330Development and Education of Infants and Toddlers


EDEC 400Child Development in Context (0-8 years)


EDEC 450Family Diversity and Involvement Early Childhood Education


EDEC 455Creative Expression and Play in Early Childhood


EDEC 475Assessment for Primary Classrooms


EDEL 220Teaching with Writing


EDEL 310Reading Assessment Informs Teaching


EDEL 360Teaching Foundational Reading Skills


EDSE 431Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education


ELIT 290Survey of Culturally Diverse Literature for ChildrenLAA2LAMS


ET 340Integration of Technology into Content and Pedagogy


Additional Main Campus Requirements:

Take the following course:

EDEC 360School Programs for Young Children


Additional Urban Education Requirements:

Take the following course:

EDEC 361School Programs for Young Children (CUE)


3. University-Wide Credits — 27-28 credits

Complete additional credits to achieve the minimum credits needed for this degree at UNC; for this degree, that will typically be 27-28 credits.

Teacher education and educator preparation licensure programs do not accept Professional Teacher Education Program (PTEP) or field based courses that are more than ten years old. PLEASE NOTE: Teacher Candidates have the right to petition this policy at the discretion of the program coordinator.