Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022

American Sign Language English Interpretation B.A.

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Contact: Pauline Ballentine

Email: Pauline.Ballentine@unco.edu

Location: McKee 114

Website: http://www.unco.edu/cebs/asl-interpreting/

Advising Information:

Students must consult with their assigned major advisor each semester prior to registering. The importance of the program advisor cannot be overstated. Program advisement includes all aspects of students' present and future academic and professional planning. It is often the program advisor who is able to help students conceptualize their academic program within the context of their own professional goals and aspirations. This responsibility is likely to involve extensive discussions of academic or professional goals well beyond the program.

To find your advisor, log into ursa.unco.edu; go to 'Student' tab and click 'View Student Information' link. If no advisor is listed, contact the major program for advisor information.

The program consists of three parts:

  1. Liberal Arts Curriculum (LAC) Credits
  2. Required Major Credits
  3. University-Wide Credits

Program Description:

The ASL-English interpretation (ASLEI) baccalaureate degree program is delivered in two ways: a traditional undergraduate offering on the Greeley campus and as an online program. Both traditional and online students participate in summer coursework with onsite requirements. The ASLEI program prepares majors to provide competent interpreting services between individuals who are deaf and use ASL as their primary language and individuals who are not deaf and do not know ASL. Graduates of this program will be work and/or certification-ready as they will be prepared to interpret in a range of low-risk community and educational settings with professional autonomy. The ASLEI program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Interpreter Education and it is the only distance-delivered interpreter education baccalaureate program in the nation to have achieved this distinction.

Program Admission Requirements:

Program specific requirements. See Website: http://www.unco.edu/cebs/asl-interpreting/

Program Requirements:

A grade of "B" or higher in each of the INTR and ASL courses taken as part of this major is required for graduation.

Degree Requirements — 120 Credits

1. Liberal Arts Curriculum — 31 credits

Any additional coursework completed outside of the recommended list below may extend the length of the program of study.

Written Communication — 6 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Written Communication courses

Mathematics — 3 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Mathematics courses

Arts & Humanities, History, Social & Behavioral Sciences, U.S. Multicultural Studies, and International Studies — 15 credits

To complete the LAC in the minimum number of credits, be sure to choose at least one course with an IS designation and one course with an MS designation.

ASL 201: ASL III and ASL 202: ASL IV may be used for up to 6 credits of Arts & Humanities Coursework, which also counts for Multicultural Studies.

A student wanting advanced placement in American Sign Language courses above ASL 101 must meet with a faculty member in the American Sign Language & Interpreting Studies (ASLIS) department for a placement screening. A student may receive retroactive credits, provided a grade of “B” (3.0) or higher is earned in the student’s first UNC course taken above ASL 101.

After receiving a grade of “B” or higher students must petition the Office of the Registrar in order to be awarded the retroactive credits. 

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Arts & Humanities, History, and Social & Behavioral Sciences courses

Natural & Physical Sciences — 7 credits

Select any courses to fulfill this requirement from the currently approved LAC course list.

See Natural & Physical Sciences courses

See Liberal Arts Curriculum

2. Required Major — 73 credits

Students completing a major in ASL-English Interpretation and a minor in ASL are exempt from the University policy that a maximum of 12 credit hours can be shared between a major and minor.

Take all of the following courses:

ASL 310Deaf Culture and Community


INTR 100Strategies for ASL English Interpretation Success






INTR 103ASL for Interpreters I


INTR 111ASL Linguistics


INTR 112Theory and Practice of Interpreting


INTR 113Discourse Analysis


INTR 201Ethics for Interpreters


INTR 204ASL for Interpreters II


INTR 206Meaning Transfer Skills for Interpreters


INTR 230Research Methods in Interpretation


INTR 245Interpreting Skills & Theory I


INTR 312Intercultural Communication


INTR 330Observation-Supervision


INTR 345Interpreting Skills & Theory II


INTR 355Interpreting Skills & Theory III


INTR 401Professional Decision-Making for Interpreters


INTR 430Interpreting in K-12 Educational Settings


INTR 440Interpreting in Community Settings


INTR 445Interpreting Skills & Theory IV


INTR 449Senior Seminar


INTR 450Senior Capstone


INTR 492Internship for Interpreters


3. University Wide Credits — 16 credits

Complete additional credits to achieve the minimum credits needed for this degree at UNC; for this degree, that will typically be 16 credits.