Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

Principal (K-12)

Program Overview

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Site: Greeley; Extended Campus/Distance
Mode: In-person (Greeley); Online (Extended Campus)
Start terms: Summer, Fall, Spring

The principals' licensure program provides opportunities to acquire knowledge about leadership in P-12 educational settings. The program is designed according to the Standards for Principals through the Colorado Department of Education and State Board of Education. Program requirements include 27 semester hours of coursework including a field experience.


General Licensure and Endorsement Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

Students may work concurrently on the principal's license and a Master of Arts degree (M.A.) or an Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S.) in Educational Leadership. To obtain a Colorado principal license, students must have a master's degree or higher, complete a principal license program, and satisfactorily pass the PRAXIS exam. Students desiring a principal's license must work with the UNC licensure office for program verification when they have completed their coursework. Admission materials for review by the faculty include a current resume, copies of educator licenses, and a statement of goals in addition to the other information in the UNC application system for graduate student admission. Students are admitted each semester (fall, spring, and summer).

Requirements — 27 Credits

Leadership Core — 12 hours

ELPS 601Leadership Development Through Inquiry


ELPS 603Shaping Organizations: Management and Leadership in Education


ELPS 604Understanding People: Professional Development and Educational Leadership


ELPS 605External Environments: Social, Political, and Economic Influences in Educational Leadership


Additional Requirements — 15 hours minimum

ELPS 606Internship in Educational Leadership

1- 9

ELPS 654Instructional Leadership and Supervision


ELPS 660Law and the Administrator


ELPS 670The Principalship: Leadership at the School Site Level


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