Graduate Catalog 2023-2024

School Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Endorsement (Ages 0-21yrs)

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Program Overview

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

The orientation and mobility endorsement is designed to provide additional competencies for students completing their graduate licensure program in Special Education: Visual Impairment. Students must obtain faculty consent before enrolling in any mobility coursework. Students earning licensure in O&M through the Association for Education and Rehabilitation of Blind and Visually Impaired (ACVREP) must complete the following coursework in addition to the Visual Impairment program requirements.

Federal student loans are not currently available to students who are pursuing a CO state license (initial or additional) through UNC's stand-alone, graduate level licensure programs without being simultaneously enrolled in a Masters, Specialist, or Doctoral program.

Requirements — 15 Credits

EDSE 547Individual Instruction in Orientation and Mobility


EDSE 647Applied Methods in Orientation and Mobility


EDSE 648Practicum in Orientation and Mobility

3- 9

EDSE 648: Repeatable, maximum of 9 credits