Undergraduate Catalog 2024-2025

College Opportunity Fund (COF)

The College Opportunity Fund – referred to as COF – is the way Colorado provides financial support for resident undergraduate students. The Colorado Legislature sets the COF stipend amount each year and the stipend amount is the same for all students, regardless of which college they attend. For current tuition and pricing, visit www.unco.edu/costs.

To be eligible to receive the COF stipend, students must be classified as residents of Colorado and be enrolled as an undergraduate. Students must also complete a one-time online application at cof.college-assist.org and must authorize payment of the COF stipend to UNC during the registration process through their Ursa account.

In order to use the COF stipend, students must be registered for a course before the course census date. There may, however, be legitimate administrative reasons that may allow COF eligibility. UNC adheres to the Colorado Department of Higher Education College Opportunity Fund Guidelines.

If an eligible student applies for COF and authorizes payment to UNC, the stipend will be paid to UNC for the student, and the authorized amount will be applied directly to the student’s bill. Additional information regarding COF can be found on the UNC website at www.unco.edu/cof.