Undergraduate Catalog 2024-2025


Regular class attendance is assumed. Faculty should state their specific policies on absences in the syllabus. Each instructor determines the relationship between class attendance, the objectives of the class, and the grade. The instructor is responsible for attendance policies and their effect on grades. Students are responsible for knowing the attendance policy of each course. Only the instructor can approve a student's absence. Students are responsible for requesting such approval.

Students involved in University-sponsored activities, including intercollegiate athletics, may need to be excused from a class, lab, or studio meeting. In all instances, it is their responsibility to present a written request for the absence. Students should be prepared to discuss how the absence may affect their ability to meet the course requirements. Instructors should seek to make reasonable accommodations for a student involved in University-sponsored activities. Students should recognize that not every course can accommodate absences. Notifying the instructor of an absence does not relieve students from meeting the course requirements.

The University requires that faculty provide reasonable accommodations to students who miss a class due to a religious observance. Students planning to miss a class for religious observance should notify the instructor prior to the absence.

The instructor has the option to drop students who do not attend the first 100 minutes that class meets in order to allow other students to enroll.

Students are responsible for dropping courses they do not attend.

Online Course Policy

As with a face to face course, the instructor has the option to drop students who do not log in and do not participate in the first 48 hours from the course start date. This is to allow other students to enroll. Not all instructors will exercise this option; therefore, students should not assume that not logging in will automatically drop them from the course.