Undergraduate Catalog 2024-2025

Incomplete Grading

At the discretion of the instructor, a temporary grade of Incomplete ("I") may be given if the student demonstrates that they cannot complete the requirements of the course due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control. Examples of such circumstances include, but are not limited to: serious illness of the student; accident; or death/illness in the family. Examples of circumstances that are not extenuating include, but are not limited to: a student's poor academic performance in class; a student's time management and planning; and/or a student's lack of adherence to/awareness of University policies or deadlines.

Students must have a passing grade in the course at the time that an Incomplete is requested unless the instructor determines that there are extenuating circumstances to assign an Incomplete. The grade of Incomplete may be assigned up through the last week of the course, which includes finals week.

After an Incomplete grade is given, students should NOT register for the course a second time. A grade of "I" is not used to compute grade point average (GPA) and is not counted towards graduation. Degrees will not be conferred upon students with outstanding "I" grades.

Grade change process for Incomplete grades:

  • The instructor must submit to the department chair or school director, a written notice of the specific coursework to be completed before the final grade is determined as well as reasons for the Incomplete grade. A copy is kept in the school/department and one is provided to the student.
  • To change an Incomplete grade, the instructor must submit the grade change request to the Office of the Registrar. Grade change requests submitted within the first six-week period of the subsequent term in which the student originally enrolled in the course must be signed by the instructor and the school director/department chair. Grade change requests submitted after the six-week period of the subsequent term in which the student originally enrolled in the course must be approved and signed by the instructor, the school director/department chair and the Dean of the College (or designee).
  • If the course requirements are not completed and the grade change not received in the Office of the Registrar within one year after the term in which the "I" was assigned, the grade will be recorded on the academic record as a failing or unsatisfactory grade. Once the Incomplete grade(s) have converted to failing/unsatisfactory, a grade change(s) will not be permitted.

For more information, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 970-351-4UNC (4862).