2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

Course Drop/Withdrawal Appeal During Current Semester

The course drop and withdrawal deadlines are strictly enforced. Any request for an exception to these deadlines must be submitted using the Registration Appeal Form. This appeal applies only to current semester registrations and must be filed in the Office of the Registrar prior to the end of the current semester.

  • Course drop/withdrawal appeals will only be considered when there were extenuating circumstances beyond your control that kept you from adhering to the normal deadlines. These extenuating circumstances could include medical conditions, death or illness in the family, unanticipated financial problems or University errors.
  • Factors not accepted for a course drop/withdrawal appeal include, but are not limited to, such things as poor academic performance in a class, time management related situations or lack of adherence to/awareness of University policy and deadlines.
  • If you received financial aid, you must have the appeal form signed by Financial Aid prior to submitting to the Registrar's Office. You may visit their website at http://www.unco.edu/ofa/aid/maintaining/index.asp for more information.
  • Submission of your request does not guarantee any type of refund.
  • All petitions must be in writing and signed by the student, legal guardian, power of attorney, or executor (in case of death). Documentation may be required if the petition is from someone other than the student.
  • You should include a written statement describing the circumstances and reasons for the appeal and any required documentation.