2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

Insurance Requirement for All Students

UNC’s Board of Trustees requires that all undergraduate students registered for at least 9 credits or more and all graduate students registered for at least 6 credit hours have health insurance. International students who are registered for at least 9 or more (6 or more for graduate students) credit hours must also have health insurance.

Undergraduate students enrolled for 9 or more credit hours and graduate students enrolled for 6 or more credit hours will automatically be enrolled in the UNC Student Health Insurance Plan. If the student wishes to waive the UNC plan, they will need to complete an online waiver form and provide the requested information to show coverage with comparable insurance coverage by the 10th day of classes.

Students who have an URSA account may log into https://ursa.unco.edu, click on the Financial tab and locate the link to the "UNC Student Health Insurance Plan Online Waiver System" (SHIP). Students who have been admitted, but do not have a URSA account, will need to access the URSA home page at https://ursa.unco.edu, and create a student account from the link titled "NEW STUDENTS START HERE". Once your account has been established, follow the steps above to access the online waiver.

If you participate in a Health Care Sharing Ministry Program approved by the Federal Health and Human Services division, contact the Student Health Insurance office at (970) 351-1915 for further instructions on waiving the UNC sponsored insurance plan.

Any student who enrolls in the University's health insurance plan during spring semester is automatically covered by that insurance during summer session with no additional premium. The University does not require students registered only for summer session to purchase its student health insurance plan or demonstrate possession of an acceptable insurance plan.

Students enrolled in the student insurance may purchase coverage for their spouse and children. Intercollegiate athletes may also purchase the student insurance along with a sports rider to cover intercollegiate injuries. Please contact the insurance office at (970) 351-1915 for additional information. 

Undergraduate students enrolled for less than 9 hours and graduate students enrolled for less than 6 hours of classes are not eligible to participate in the UNC SHIP. They may, however, contact Academic Health Plans at (888) 308-7320 for assistance in finding individual coverage.