2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Economics

Chair: Kelfala M. Kallon, Ph.D.

Location: Candelaria 1281

Telephone: 970.351.2739

Faculty: David R. Aske, Ph.D.; Rhonda R. Corman, M.A.; Mark Eiswerth, Ph.D.; Kelfala M. Kallon, Ph.D.; Christine E. Marston, Ph.D.; Bruce A. McDaniel, Ph.D.; Dawit Senbet, Ph.D.

Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

Economics B.A.

Economics Minor

The economics discipline provides a logical, orderly way of describing, analyzing and finding solutions to the numerous diverse economic problems and issues that people and societies face.

The goal of the Economics program is to graduate students who are highly qualified to pursue careers in industry and government service or who are capable of pursuing graduate study in economics or business. Economists work with government and industry information, quantitative data, theories, models, graphics and computers.

Topics in economics have a broad range, including how individuals and businesses make intelligent economic decisions to how governments deal with vital current problems like unemployment, inflation, international trade and economic growth.

As a discipline, economics is attractive to students and commands prestige because it is challenging, has a wide focus and is not static; the discipline employs theory, mathematics, models and the scientific method.

Economics takes part, with other College of Humanities and Social Sciences disciplines and programs, in offering a quality liberal arts education, but Economics also has close ties with the Monfort College of Business and several interdisciplinary programs, including the International Studies program and Life of the Mind.

The Economics program concentrates on teaching core courses commonly taught at major universities and requires students to complete supporting courses in mathematics and statistics.

Economics major and minor students usually take other social science courses such as political science and sociology, and supporting and elective courses in business and mathematics.

Economics participates in the Honors program and arranges limited internships.