2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog

Office of the Dean

Location: Guggenheim 204

Telephone: 970.351.2515

Dean: Leo Welch, D.M.

The University of Northern Colorado’s College of Performing and Visual Arts draws on the extensive resources of the University and the Front Range region of Colorado to provide an outstanding milieu conducive to the development of arts professionals. Our students have transformative and inspiring experiences in a first-class environment that includes advanced technology laboratories in all the arts, contemporary dance studios, traditional and experimental theatre spaces, unparalleled music resources, and studios in the diverse disciplines of the visual arts. The College combines the best of the time-honored academy tradition and the most current and prescient ideas in the arts with the liberal arts education of a major university.

The College of Performing and Visual Arts has an exceptional reputation for offering in-depth study of music, theatre arts, dance, and art and design. The College offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as lifelong learning programs that integrate up-to-date facilities, accessible and highly acclaimed faculty members, practicum experiences with leading arts agencies, and the rich cultural attractions of the region into a well rounded and valuable curriculum.

Whether you are interested in becoming a high school art teacher, an orchestra conductor, a choreographer of modern dance, a stage manager, graphic designer, composer of contemporary jazz, a performance artist, actor, or any one of hundreds of arts professions, you will find the University of Northern Colorado the place to expand and nurture your talent. If you choose to join the College, and its distinguished and accomplished faculty, you will be following in the footsteps of alumni who have been succeeding in and creating the arts of today and the future.