Graduate 2017-2018

Application to Graduate Programs and Graduate Study

Individuals simultaneously apply to the UNC Graduate School and to their program of interest. Standards for admission to the UNC Graduate  School are set by the members of the Graduate Council and enforced by the Graduate School. Faculty members from each degree program establish admissions standards for their specific degree program; program standards may exceed the minimum standards set by the Graduate School. Applicants are to consult program brochures, program, department or school offices or faculty in the degree program(s) of interest to confirm additional program requirements (e.g., personal statements, test scores, letters of recommendations), application deadlines, and the address to which items should be sent. Only completed applicant files will be forwarded on to the program for consideration. Application materials are retained by the University and will not be returned to the applicant.

Application deadlines are set by the program in consultation with the Graduate School and should be posted on the program's website.  Changes or modifications to application deadlines are communicated to the Graduate School, in writing, by a representative of the program at least one semester before they are instituted to allow sufficient time for Graduate School processing and evaluation. The Graduate School does not set standard priority admission deadlines, but encourages each program to determine specific deadlines and to work closely with the Graduate School to ensure these deadlines are feasible for applicants, program faculty, and the Graduate School. Allow the Graduate School a minimum of five working days to process completed applications and forward all application documents to program faculty for review.