Undergraduate 2017-2018

Department of Modern Languages

Interim Chair: Fumiko Fukuta

Location: Candelaria 0140

Telephone: 970.351.2685

Faculty: David Caldwell, Ph.D.; Fumiko Fukuta, Ph.D.; Sumiko Gibson, M.A.; Michelle Low, Ph.D.; Christine Moritz, Ph.D.; Lorie Sauble-Otto, Ph.D.; Melitta Wagner-Heaston, Ph.D.

Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

Asian Studies B.A. 

Asian Studies B.A. - Liberal Arts Emphasis

Asian Studies B.A. - K-12 Chinese Teaching Emphasis - Licensure: World Languages (grades K-12)

Asian Studies B.A. - K-12 Japanese Teaching Emphasis - Licensure: World Languages (grades K-12)

Foreign Languages B.A.

French Liberal Arts Emphasis

French K-12 French Teaching Emphasis - Licensure: World Languages (grades K-12)

German Liberal Arts Emphasis

German K-12 German Teaching Emphasis - Licensure: World Languages (grades K-12)


Asian Studies Minor

Chinese Minor

French Minor

German Minor

Japanese Minor 

Modern Languages offers students the opportunity to acquire the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, and to study the culture and literature of the country or countries where the languages are spoken. The department of Modern Languages offers undergraduate degrees in French and German with emphasis in secondary language teaching as an option, as well as an interdisciplinary major in Asian Studies. Students may also complete minors in Asian Studies, Chinese, French, German, or Japanese.

Since a high level of proficiency is necessary for most careers in the field of modern languages, our classes are taught primarily in the target language and are performance-oriented. Conversational abilities are stressed at all levels. A number of advanced level skill-building courses are offered to promote the greatest fluency.

In addition to courses required for the majors and minors, Modern Languages offers a variety of courses that satisfy the requirements of UNC's Liberal Arts Core. Beginning and intermediate courses are available in Chinese, Japanese, French, and German, as well as a selection of culture courses taught in English.

Extracurricular programs and activities are offered as an extension of our conventional classroom program. Conversation hours are regularly held at various locations on or near campus, giving students the opportunity to practice their foreign language. There are also several very active student clubs open to all interested parties.

To enhance acquisition of cultural and linguistic skills and to better prepare our students for their lives as global citizens, Modern Languages offers a diverse range of exchange programs in China, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, and France that provide any UNC student, including majors and minors the opportunity to develop their linguistic and cultural expertise in the country of their choice. Summer study abroad opportunities are also offered in French, German, Chinese and Japanese.