Undergraduate 2017-2018

School of Nursing

Director: Faye Hummel, Ph.D.

Location: Gunter 3080

Telephone: 970.351.2293

Fax: 970.351.1707

Faculty: Loretta Clukey, Ph.D, Psy.D.; Darcy A. Copeland, Ph.D.; Erin Cummins, M.S.N.; Julie M. Deters, F.N.P.-B.C.; Kathleen N. Dunemn, Ph.D.; Katrina S. Einhellig, Ph.D; Barbara Garrity, M.S.N.; Courtney Gryskiewicz, M.S.N.; Melissa L. Henry, Ph.D.; Laura Henson , M.S.N.; Karen Hessler, Ph.D.; Faye I. Hummel, Ph.D.; Martha Levine, Ph.D.; Jeanette McNeill, DrPH; Alison S. Merrill, Ph.D.; Gwyneth R. Milbrath, M.S.N.; Carlo G. Parker, Ph.D.; Marcia Patterson, D.N.P.; Shelia A. Postiglione, M.S.N.; Carol Roehrs, Ph.D.; Deborah E. Rojas, M.S.; Michaela Romero, D.N.P.; Kristin Schams, D.N.P.; Audrey Snyder, Ph.D.; Katherine Sullivan, Ph.D.; Laurie Walker, M.S.; Vicki W. Wilson, Ph.D.

Emeritus Faculty: Sandra C. Baird, Ed.D.; Nancy Quinn Beardslee, Ed.D.; Agnes Biegel, M.S.N..; Audrey J. Bopp, M.S.; Adah Bossart, M.S.; Phyllis Drennan, Ph.D.; Priscilla A. Faulkner, M.S.; Joan T. Hurlock, M.S.; Jane E. Koeckeritz, Ph.D.; Virginia Kinnick, Ed.D..; Debra Leners, Ph.D.; Judith A. Malkiewicz, Ph.D.; Janice Hoot Martin, Ph.D.; Rita Payton, M.S..; Diane Peters, Ph.D.; Judith Richter, Ph.D.; Nancy E. White, Ph.D.

Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

Nursing B.S.

The School of Nursing subscribes to the philosophy that nursing is both an art and a science which promotes, supports and restores optimal health in individuals, families and communities. Nursing is a caring profession that is an integral component of the health care delivery system.

The undergraduate program in nursing is a nine (9) semester program (4 years including one summer) leading to a bachelor of science degree. Qualified students are prepared to be professional nurses and receive a foundation for graduate study in nursing.

Nursing students have a variety of clinical experiences in hospitals, nursing homes, industry, schools and community agencies, primarily in northeastern Colorado communities. Clinical practice is concurrent with nursing theory (classes) and is guided by nursing faculty. Health clearance, OSHA requirements, and CPR certification are required.

Graduates of state-approved diploma or associate degree programs in nursing are eligible to apply for admission to the on-line baccalaureate program in nursing. The program to be pursued by R.N. students has been designed to be as flexible and responsive to individual student needs as possible, within the constraints and resources of the School of Nursing.