Undergraduate 2017-2018

School of Sport and Exercise Science

Director: Gary D. Heise, Ph.D.

Sport and Exercise Science

Location: Gunter 2590

Telephone: 970.351.2535

Fax: 970.351.1762

Faculty: Kyle Bolen, M.S.; Robert J. Brustad, Ph.D.; Russell Carson, Ph.D.; Shannon M. Courtney, M.A.; Brian D. Dauenhauer, Ph.D.; Scott Douglas, Ph.D.; Abbie Ferris, M.S.; J. Reid Hayward, Ph.D.; Gary D. Heise, Ph.D.; David S. Hydock, Ph.D.; Jennifer M. Krause, Ph.D.; Jaimie McMullen, Ph.D., Alan Morse, Ph.D.; Brett Nichols, Ph.D., Brent Oja, Ph.d., J.D.; Jeremy D. Smith, Ph.D.; Mark A. Smith, Ph.D.; Megan Babkes Stellino, Ed.D.; Laura Stewart, Ph.D.; Yoon Tae Sung, Ph.D., James V. Turk, M.S.

Emeritus Faculty: Mary A. Behling, Ph.D.; Robert Blasi, M.A.; Cynthia Carlisle, Ed.D.; Carolyn A. Cody, Ph.D.; Carolyn Ann Dennehy, Ph.D.; Margaret E. Everett, M.A.; Dianna P. Gray, Ph.D.; Jean A. Hedberg, M.A.; William C. Heiss, Jr., M.A.; Nancy Hinrichs, M.A.; Christy A. Howard, M.S.; Theresa M. Malumphy, Ph.D.; 
Jani Malkiewicz, M.A.; Harold L. McKain, Jr., Ph.D.; Melissa A. Parker, Ph.D.; D. Allen Phillips, Ed.D.; Tim B. Ramsey, M.A.; George H. Sage, Linda A. Sharp, B.A., Ed.D.; Doris C. Steffy, M.A.; Jim Stiehl, Ph.D.; David K. Stotlar, Ed.D.; Nancy Van Anne, Ph.D.; Thurman Wright, D.P.E.


Course(s) Offered (Prefix):

Program(s) Offered:

Athletic Training B.S.

Sport and Exercise Science B.S.

     Exercise Science Emphasis

     K-12 Physical Education Teaching Emphasis - Licensure: Physical Education (Grades K-12)

     Sports Coaching Emphasis 

Sport and Exercise Science: Coaching Minor 

Sport and Exercise Science: Physical Education (K-12) Teaching Minor

The School of Sport and Exercise Science has a long and distinguished history of preparing individuals to assume leadership roles in sport and physical activity settings, and subscribes to the philosophy that physical activity and sport contribute to the overall quality of life. To this end, the School offers a variety of majors that provide students with the necessary coursework and experience to serve as a foundation for careers in the professions of athletic training, physical education teaching, sports coaching, and exercise science. Specific majors and minors include:

Undergraduate majors:

  • B.S. in Athletic Training (clinical program) — Students who pursue an Athletic Training degree will be prepared for this allied health profession that focuses on the areas of prevention, management and rehabilitation of injuries that occur in sport. Upon successful completion of this program, the student will have fulfilled the requirements to take the National Certification Examination administered by the board of Certification of the National Athletic Trainers Association.

  • B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science with emphasis areas in the following:

    • Physical Education K-12 (Teaching) — Students who pursue and complete the PE K-12 Emphasis will obtain licensure to teach at the elementary, middle or high school settings.

    • Exercise Science Students — Students who pursue an emphasis in exercise science will be prepared for career opportunities in cardiac and cancer rehabilitation, wellness and community centers, private and corporate fitness/health clubs, YMCA's, strength and conditioning programs and personal training, and can take the prerequisites to pursue a graduate degree in Physical Therapy after graduation.

    • Sports Coaching — Students who pursue an emphasis in Sports Coaching will find career opportunities in schools and municipal recreation centers.


  • Coaching
  • Physical Education K-12 Teaching (must be enrolled in a teaching major)

The undergraduate curriculum is comprised of both required and elective courses that provide opportunities for developing expertise in understanding human movement from early childhood through adulthood. Courses provide a scientific basis for the study of physical activity, emphasizing theoretical and practical approaches to the development and improvement of human performance. Each emphasis provides classroom, field, laboratory and supervised practical experiences.