Undergraduate 2017-2018

College of Natural and Health Sciences

School of Human Sciences

ASLS 160 Introduction to Human Communication and Its Disorders

Survey identifying characteristics, causes, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, and hearing disorders. Includes disorders in hearing, stuttering, voice, articulation, child language, adult aphasia, head injury and dementia. (LAC, gtP)


ASLS 220 Musical Acoustics and Health Issues

This hands-on exploratory course is designed to introduce students to the nature of sound energy as it relates to musical acoustics and its biophysical impacts on vocal and hearing health. Course fee required.


ASLS 260 Introduction to Phonetics

Majors only. Characteristics of American English speech sounds and the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols used to represent them. Typical and atypical phonological processes and the transcription of speech sound errors.


ASLS 266 Normal Speech and Language Development

Normal speech and language development and their relationship to other aspects of child development. Should be taken after the English composition LAC requirement is completed.


ASLS 267 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism

Prerequisites: BIO 100 and BIO 105 or BIO 110; and BIO 245. Sophomores or above. Structure and function of the speech and auditory/vestibular mechanisms.


ASLS 343 Fundamentals of Physiological and Biological Acoustics

The physics of sound as it relates to speech and hearing. Should be taken after the mathematics LAC requirement is completed. Course fee required.


ASLS 360 Articulation and Voice Disorders

Prerequisite: ASLS 260 or consent of instructor. Majors only. Current information regarding identification, causation, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of articulation and voice disorders.


ASLS 365 Language Disorders in Children

Prerequisite: ASLS 266 or consent of instructor. Analysis of aspects of language as they relate to treatment of language disorders in children.


ASLS 366 Language Sampling Processes

Prerequisite: ASLS 266 or consent of instructor. Methods of eliciting language samples from children and manual and computerized language sampling analyses.


ASLS 370 Basic Audiology

Pathologies and disorders of the auditory vestibular system, pure-tone testing, methods of speech audiometry, interpretation of audiometric data in terms of physical, social and educational effects. An introduction to aural rehabilitation.


ASLS 422 Directed Studies

Individualized investigation under the direct supervision of a faculty member. (Minimum of 37.5 clock hours required per credit hour.) Repeatable, maximum concurrent enrollment is two times.

1- 4

ASLS 431 Organically-Based Communication Disorders

Prerequisites: ASLS 267. Seniors or above. Current information regarding identification, causation, diagnosis and treatment of organically-based communication disorders, including cleft palate, cerebral palsy and aphasia.


ASLS 469 Clinical Processes in Speech-Language Pathology

Prerequisites: ASLS 360 and ASLS 365. Philosophy and implementation of diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders. Administration, scoring and interpretation of data from observation and tests/inventories. Development of treatment programs, evidence-based practice, ethics, and client-clinician relationships. Course fee required.


ASLS 473 SLPA Seminar and Field Experience

Prerequisite: ASLS 469 and Instructor Consent. Development of basic knowledge and competencies as a speech language pathology assistant through participation in classroom activities, observations and reflections, and collaborative teaching of children with communication disorders. Field experience under professional supervision.


ASLS 474 Clinical Practicum in Audiology

Prerequisite: ASLS 370 and 3.0 GPA in major courses or consent of clinical coordinator. Perform basic audiometric testing: audiometric screening, routine hearing evaluation and impedance audiometry. S/U graded.


ASLS 478 Aural Rehabilitation and Amplification

Prerequisite: ASLS 370. Seniors or above. A study of basic principles of aural rehabilitation and the use of amplification systems for hearing impaired individuals including personal hearing aids and other specialized assistive listening/alerting devices.


ASLS 483 Entry/Primary Speech-Language Pathology Practicum

Prerequisites: ASLS 469 and 3.0 GPA in major courses or consent of clinical coordinator. Learn general principles of the clinical process. Provide supervised individual therapy to clients with communication disorders. S/U graded.


ASLS 487 Advanced Audiology

Prerequisite: ASLS 267 and ASLS 370. Majors only. Theory and practice of advanced techniques of audiometric assessment.