Undergraduate 2017-2018

Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business

Department of Accounting and Computer Information Systems


Department of Finance

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Department of Management 

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Department of Marketing 

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BA 100 American Business System

For non-business majors. Understand how the American business system works and compare it with business systems in other nations. Discuss how business functions and the impact of current events.


BA 150 Foundations of Business Thought

Course will introduce the student to the cultural, historical, and philosophical thought surrounding the issues of business throughout the ages. (LAC, gtP)


BA 205 Business Communications

(Laboratory arranged) Prerequisite: ENG 122. Composition courses emphasizing planning, organizing, and presenting written business communications for decision making. Use of computer software programs integrated in the writing of business correspondence and reports. (LAC, gtP)


BA 251 International Business

Non-technical introduction to global business operations and planning, including investment issues, comparative management, technology impact, competition, cultural diversity and legal issues. (LAC)


BA 299 Professional Experience

Consent of Instructor. Business majors only. Active engagement in professional activities related to field of study. Course will provide problem-solving and independent decision making opportunities. S/U graded.


BA 415 International Experience/Study Abroad

Consent of instructor. This course consists of a minimum of twenty one days of study or academic/business experience that provides the student with significant observation of and/or interaction with business/management in a different culture.


BA 460 International Business and Culture

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Juniors or above. This seminar course is designed to provide students an in-depth understanding of the cultural values and norms abroad and how they translate into various business practices. International travel will be required.


BA 495 Executive Professor Special Topics II

Consent of instructor. Business majors only. A seminar for junior and senior majors and minors, taught by business executives, integrating practical experience into the theoretical curriculum. Topic varies per expertise of Executive Professor. S/U or letter graded. Repeatable, under different subtitles.

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