Undergraduate 2017-2018

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

School of Teacher Education

EDEC 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education

Key areas of professional knowledge: child growth and development; health, nutrition and safety; developmentally appropriate practice; guidance; family and community relationships; diversity; professionalism; administration and supervision. Ages birth through 8.


EDEC 102 Introduction to Early Childhood Education Lab

60 Lab hours and 15 seminar hours. The supervised placement in a child care setting. Observe children, practice appropriate interactions, and develop effective guidance and management techniques. Ages 0 through 8.


EDEC 103 Guidance Strategies for Children

Explores guidance theories, applications, goals, techniques and factors that influence expectations, classroom management issues, and pro-social skills Addresses ages birth through age 8.


EDEC 205 Nutrition, Health, and Safety

Nutrition, health and safety as key factors for optimal growth and development of young children. Nutrient knowledge, menu planning, food program participation, health practices, management and safety. Prenatal through age 8.


EDEC 220 Curriculum Development: Methods and Techniques

An overview of early childhood curriculum development. Planning and implementing developmentally appropriate instruction.


EDEC 231 Development of Infants and Toddlers

Required laboratory arranged. Investigate growth patterns from conception through infancy and the third year. Include influences on early development, guidance, care provision and adults' responsibilities for providing favorable environment. Observe infants and toddlers.


EDEC 240 Administration of Early Childhood Care and Education Program

Examines Colorado's minimal licensing requirements, as well as optimal standards pertaining to the operation of programs for young children. Focuses on the director's administrative skills and role as a community advocate for young children. Addresses ages birth through 12.


EDEC 241 Administration: Human Relations for Early Childhood

Human relations component of an early childhood professional's responsibilities: director-staff relationships, leadership strategies, parent partnerships and community interaction.


EDEC 308 Early Childhood Workshop

Study problems in early childhood education. Area covered in any one workshop determined by subtitiel. S/U graded. Repeatable, under different subtitles.


EDEC 315 Children's Literature for Early Childhood, Pre K to 3rd Grade

Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA. This course will examine the field of children's literature and provide early childhood students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to select high-quality children's books to read to and be read by young children (birth through third-grade).


EDEC 330 Development and Education of Infants and Toddlers

Majors only. This course presents an overview of theories and applications including observation and issues pertinent to infant and toddler development in group and family settings.


EDEC 360 School Programs for Young Children

Prerequisites: EDFE 110 or EDFE 120 or EDFE 125 and 2.75 GPA. Interdisciplinary Studies: Early Childhood Education Emphasis majors only. Focus on authentic community service in the context of School Programs for Young Children. Includes a forty-five hour practicum experience and 1.5 per week class.


EDEC 400 Child Development in Context (0-8 years)

This course encompasses early childhood development (0-8 years) and research based classroom adaptations of the four domains: physical, psycho-social, cognitive, and language development. Observations are required for understanding child development within the context of pluralistic environments.


EDEC 422 Directed Studies

Individualized investigation under the direct supervision of a faculty member. (Minimum of 37.5 clock hours required per credit hour.) Repeatable, maximum concurrent enrollment is two times.

1- 3

EDEC 450 Family Diversity and Involvement Early Childhood Education

The major purpose of this course is to present the theoretical foundation and practical applications of family diversity and parent involvement in early childhood education.


EDEC 455 Creative Expression and Play in Early Childhood

Addresses the importance of high quality and meaningful play and creative arts experience across the early childhood curriculum. Applies the creative arts to enhance the development of basic skills.


EDEC 461 Early Childhood Curriculum Language Arts

Prerequisite: EDFE 120, EDEC 360 and 3.00 GPA. Developmentally appropriate programming for children ages 3-8 in the curriculum areas of literacy and the social world. Appropriate assessment for programming will be included.


EDEC 463 Early Childhood Curriculum Social Studies

Prerequisites taken at UNC: EDFE 120, 3.0 GPA required. Co-requisites: EDEC 480, EDEC 464, EDEC 465 and EDFE 130. This course teaches teachers of young children the subject area of social studies in K-3 curriculum. Content knowledge and teaching strategies will be the focus of the course. During the semester, students will be in a field experience associated with the literacy methods course that will allow them to also focus on the area of social studies within an elementary primary classroom.


EDEC 464 Early Childhood Curriculum Language Arts

Prerequisites taken at UNC: EDFE 120, 3.0 GPA required. Co-requisites: EDEC 480, EDEC 463, EDEC 465, and EDFE 130. This course encompasses literacy and language arts in K-3 curriculum. Content knowledge and teaching strategies will be the focus of the course. Eighty hours of field experience are required.


EDEC 465 Managing Early Childhood Classrooms

Prerequisites: EDFE 120, 3.00 GPA required. Co-requisites: EDEC 480, EDEC 463, EDEC 464. Examine components of effective classroom management procedures with children in groups. Topics include theoretical perspectives, rules and organization, pro-social behavior, and effective pedagogical decisions.


EDEC 475 Assessment for Primary Classrooms

Assessment issues, practices, and techniques in the K--3 elementary school classrooms.


EDEC 480 Early Childhood Curriculum II Mathematics and Science

Prerequisites: EDFE 120, EDEC 360 and 3.0 GPA required. Co-requisites: EDEC 463, EDEC 464, EDEC 465, and EDFE 130. Subject areas of mathematics and science in K-3 curriculum. Content knowledge, effective teaching strategies, and assessment will be the focus of the course. Ninety-six hours of field experience required.


EDEC 490 Early Childhood Student Teaching

Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA, EDFE 130, EDEC 463, EDEC 464, EDEC 465, EDEC 480 and students must have evidence of a passing score on the Colorado Early Childhood PLACE exam. This is a field-based course, providing full-time focused teaching experience in grades K-3 for 16 weeks (640 clock hours). Graded S/U. Main Campus students must take 12 credits. Urban Education students must take 6 credits. Supervision fee required.