Undergraduate 2017-2018

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

School of Teacher Education

EDNL 321 Literacy in the Digital Age

Sophomores or above. Majors only. This course provides a foundation to digital and multimodal literacy practices. Candidates will gain an understanding of theories, currently practiced integration models, digital citizenship and evaluate digital tools and applications.


EDNL 322 Digital Literacy and Multimodal Texts

Prerequisites: EDNL 321 and EDRD 314. Sophomores or above. Majors only. This course is designed to provide teacher candidates with resources and strategies to read, critically analyze and teach multimodal and digital texts within the context of 21st century pedagogy.


EDNL 423 Multimodal Design: Language Arts

Prerequisites: EDEL 320 and EDNL 321. Juniors or above. Majors only. In this course teacher candidates will engage in digital writing workshops that facilitate crafting multimodal texts, planning for and evaluating digital writing, and understanding issues related to copyright, fair use, and creative commons.


EDNL 424 Multimodal Design: Literacy, Invention and Learning

Prerequisites: EDEL 320 and EDNL 321. Juniors and above. Majors only. Through this course, teacher candidates will learn concepts of design, invention and play through the integration of literacy across content areas. Candidates will engage in inquiry and exploration of problem and career-based learning.