Undergraduate 2017-2018

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Educational Technology

ET 100 Computer Applications for Composition

Taken concurrently with composition classes. Word processing, graphics and stylistic analysis applications to improve student's writing process. Includes CAI tutorials and tests.


ET 247 Technology in Education for Elementary Teaching

Instruction and practice using a variety of technology tools. A primary focus is on the application of these tools and related concepts (intellectual freedom, critical viewing skills, technology access and equity, etc.) within the elementary classroom.


ET 340 Integration of Technology into Content and Pedagogy

Corequisites EDEL 425, EDEL 455 and EDEL 457. Majors only. Sophomores or above. Explore theories/frameworks that support integration of technology in teaching and learning. Apply practices to promote seamless integration of technology that adds significant value to students' learning of elementary curriculum.


ET 347 Educational Technology Applications for Elementary Teaching

Prerequisite: ET 247. Sophomores or above. Integration of various instructional delivery systems within teaching. Content-specific and elementary applications of computing, video, print, hypermedia and multimedia, telecommunications technologies and issues relevant to the elementary education community.


ET 422 Directed Study

Individualized investigation under the direct supervision of a faculty member. (Minimum of 37.5 clock hours required per credit hour.) Repeatable, maximum concurrent enrollment is two times.

1- 3

ET 425 Computer Applications

Course content includes skills and knowledge on current computer applications and related concepts for the development of educational materials. S/U graded.


ET 449 Integrating Technologies into Secondary Education Pedagogy

Majors only. Apply technology tools in teaching practices to promote technology integration that is seamless and adds significant value to students' learning of secondary curriculum. Investigate theoretical and practical issues and methods.