Undergraduate 2017-2018

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Hispanic Studies

HISP 102 Hispanic Cultures in the United States

A study of the development of cultural patterns among the three largest Hispanic communities in this country: Chicanos, Puerto Ricans and Cuban- Americans — their differences and commonalities. Taught in English. (LAC, gtP)


HISP 111 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

An introduction to prominent contemporary writers. Includes theatre, novel, short story and poetry in translation. Works of Lorca, Matute, Unamuno, Borges, Rulfo, Garcia Marquez, Anaya. Taught in English. (LAC, gtP)


HISP 395 History and Philosophy of Bilingual Education

Introduction to history, philosophy, and legal issues in education of English language learners in the US. Analyzes current issues concerning bilingual students, bilingual education, school reform and community partnerships.