Undergraduate 2017-2018

University College

HON 100 Honors Connections Seminar I

A variable content seminar for Honors students only, emphasizing the connections between areas of knowledge such as the Sciences, Arts, Philosophy, History, Literature and Sociology.


HON 101 Honors Introduction to Critical Thinking

Honors Students Only. An introductory course for honors students emphasizing critical and creative thinking, perspective taking, inquiry, and inter-cultural competencies through in depth discussions on contemporary issues, engaged learning opportunities, and community-based projects.


HON 200 Honors Connections Seminar II

A variable content seminar for Honors students only that will engage them in a concentrated analysis of values and ethics in the context of the times.


HON 351 Junior Honors Seminar

Consent of instructor. A seminar or tutorial required of juniors in honors. Provides enrichment work in the student's discipline of choice and a start on the senior honors research thesis. Repeatable, maximum of three credits.

1- 3

HON 395 Honors Special Topics

An advanced study of selected topics of an interdisciplinary nature for Honors Program students. Repeatable under different subtitles.


HON 420 Honors Research Methods

Examination of research paradigms and methodologies to develop the most appropriate research methods and data analysis processes to design and develop a successful honors thesis proposal.


HON 451 Senior Honors Research Thesis

Consent of instructor. Different sections are offered by different departments. Required for senior participants in the Honors Program. Repeatable, maximum of three credits

1- 3

HON 492 Honors Internship/Study Abroad

Instructor consent required. This course offers variable credit in an approved study abroad and/or internship for the Honors Program. S/U graded. Repeatable, maximum of 6 credit hours.

1- 4