Undergraduate 2017-2018

College of Performing and Visual Arts

PVA 152 Writing and Scholarship in the Performing and Visual Arts

Prerequisite: ENG 122 or equivalent. Majors in Art & Design, Music, Music Education, Musical Theatre, and Theatre Arts only. A study in the basics of communication and scholarship in the music, fine arts, and theatre, with emphasis on problems of style, organization, logical thinking, and sources. (LAC, gtP)


PVA 210 Introduction to Arts Entrepreneurship

This course has been designed to introduce you to entrepreneurship as a philosophy to guide you, the emerging artist, as you consider, launch and progress in your chosen career. Whether you choose to focus on theatre, music, dance, visual arts, design, or performing arts management, or any combination thereof, the intention of this course is to provide tools for your professional success.


PVA 310 Arts Integration Elementary School

Prerequisite: ART 190 or MUS 140 or THEA 130. Examine arts/ arts integration in elementary classrooms. Evaluate purposes, concepts, processes of creative drama, dance, music, art applied to learning. Concepts include critical, creative thinking, personal identity and cultural contexts.