Undergraduate 2017-2018

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Hispanic Studies

TESL 101 Admission to ESL/CLD Endorsement (Linguistically Diverse Education)

Submit relevant paperwork in one package to Hispanic Studies Office: unofficial transcript, GPA, completed faculty evaluation/performance indicators form and written statement of intent to add endorsement. S/U graded.


TESL 350 Second Language Acquisition

Prerequisite: TESL 101. Study of main Second Language Acquisition theories, variables and implications of research for teaching English language learners. Limited to declared ESL/CLD Endorsement Students or by Instructor Consent.


TESL 370 Teaching English Language Learners in the Elementary Education Classroom

Prerequisites: IDLA major, 2.75 GPA. This course may not be applied to the ESL/CLD Area of Concentration/Endorsement. An introduction to the theory and practice of teaching English language learners in the elementary classroom.


TESL 380 Introduction to Linguistics for ESL/CLD Educators

An introduction to language and linguistics. Topics include foundational grammatical, linguistic and sociolinguistic concepts for teaching and developing inquiry-based understanding with English language learners in the K-12 classroom.


TESL 400 Methods and Approaches of ESL/EFL

Prerequisites: TESL 101, TESL 350, and either MAS 275 or HISP 395. Develops teaching ability, imparts theoretical knowledge, displays an array of teaching activities, gives general information of ESL/EFL profession. Limited to declared ESL/CLD Endorsement Students or by instructor consent.


TESL 401 TESL Practicum

Prerequisites: EDFE 110, TESL 101, TESL 400. Field experience in Teaching English as a Second Language. Enrollment limited to declared ESL/CLD Endorsement Students or by Instructor Consent. Non-licensure students cannot enroll in the practicum. Supervision fee required.