Undergraduate 2017-2018

University College

UNIV 101 Foundations for Learning and Development

Freshman only. The purpose of this course is to foster the successful transition of first-year students from high school to UNC. This course will introduce theoretical models and the application of these models to help build the foundation for continued intellectual, personal, and professional growth and development. With a broad focus on reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication skills and competencies, this course will help students become independent, strategic learners who can contribute to the university as scholars and who can determine and construct their own futures. Non-repeatable. Assessment fee required. (LAC)


UNIV 431 McNair Scholars Research Studies I

Prerequisites: Admission to the McNair Scholars Program. Gives students an overview of the research process and skills for graduate school success, as well as a mentored opportunity to participate in the initial steps of research development.


UNIV 432 McNair Scholars Research Studies II

Prerequisites: UNIV 431. Provides students an overview of research design and method, as well as a mentored opportunity to design a research study.


UNIV 433 McNair Post Baccalaureate Preparation Seminar

Admission into the McNair Scholars Program, Seniors or above and consent of the instructor. Introduce students to post baccalaureate education, including: the admissions process, expectations of graduate students, and current issues in the training and responsibilities of faculty. S/U graded.