Undergraduate 2017-2018

UNC Go On And Learn (GOAL)


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UNC Go On And Learn (GOAL) is an opportunity for students with intellectual/developmental disabilities to attend UNC with their peers. Students complete a 4-year program that is individualized to their interests and strengths. Students enroll in courses based on their interests and long-term career plans. These courses are then modified to their skill level.

Students may choose to live in the residence halls with their peers or commute to campus. Students are also encouraged to participate in clubs, organizations, and other social activities alongside their classmates. Students also work on campus and in the community as part of their individualized plan of study. Students pay an additional Program Fee each semester to cover program costs.

Admission Process and Criteria

Applications are due January 31st for the following academic year. The application can be found on the UNC GOAL website (www.unco.edu/unc-goal). Applications are screened and students are a select number of prospective students are invited to participate in a personal interview. Students are then notified of the interview team’s decision. Students not selected will be notified if they will be placed on a waiting list.

Students accepted into the program must notify UNC GOAL staff by April 15th if they will matriculate in the fall. They must then register for one of the two summer orientation sessions. One Scholarship is available each fall for an incoming Freshman through the Bresnahan-Halstead Foundation. Students may apply by completing the Universal Scholarship Application on the Financial Aid Website.

  • Students may apply if they meet the following criteria:18-years and older, have completed High School, and will not be enrolled in an 18-21 Transition program at the time of matriculation (No SAT/ACT required)

  • Have a documented intellectual or developmental Disability

  • Have a strong motivation to attend UNC

  • Express an interest in living & working as independently as possible after completing UNC GOAL

  • Demonstrate communication skills adequate to interact with others on campus

  • Have the ability to read & complete math at a functional level (3rd/4th grade)

  • Demonstrate socially acceptable behavior (no challenging behaviors)

  • Have stayed by him/herself for at least 4-6 hours and preferable overnight

  • Are independent in handling/managing dietary and/or medical needs, including medication.

Students earn a “Credential of Completion” upon completing and meeting all requirements of their individualized program at the end of four-years.

Program Highlights

UNC GOAL students Participate in the following:

  • A person-centered planning session each year while at UNC

  • New student orientation with their peers and stay an extra day to attend UNC GOAL Boot camp

  • On campus internships and work experiences during their freshman and sophomore years

  • Off campus internships during their Junior and Senior years

  • Residence halls and, during their Junior and Senior years, an apartment to further develop independent living skills (optional).

Program Requirements

Students complete courses as part of an individualized Plan of Study based on their interests and career goals.

Semester 1

GOAL 101 Transition to College Life and Career (4 credits)

2 courses (5-6 credits) on-campus work experience

Semester 2

GOAL 102 Social Thinking for Careers and Community Living (4 credits)

2 courses (5-6 credits) on-campus work experience

Semester 3

GOAL 201 Literacy for Careers and Community Living (4 credits)

2 courses (5-6 credits) on-campus work experience

Semester 4

GOAL 202 Career Exploration (4 credits)

2 courses (5-6 credits) on-campus work experience

Semester 5

GOAL 301 Career Choices & Finances

2 courses (5-6 credits) Off-campus internship

Semester 6

GOAL 302 Career & Community Engagement (4 credits)

2 courses (5- 6 credits) Off-campus internship

Semester 7

GOAL 401 Workplace Skills, Interactions & Communication (4 credits)

2 courses (5-6 credits) Off-campus internship

Semester 8

GOAL 402 Preparing for Career and Independence After College (4 credits)

2 courses (5-6 credits) Off-campus internship

A student will earn a Credential of Completion by attending UNC for 8 semesters over four years (Fall and Spring semesters only), participating in on and off campus work experiences, and completing a total of 72-80 credits with an earned GPA of at least 2.5.

Detailed information is available at the UNC GOAL website www.unco.edu/unc-goal or by contacting Co-Director's Stephanie Hernon at 970-351-4916 or James Slaughter at 970-351-1541.